Exercise for Soothing the Liver and Improving Acuity of Vision Shugan Mingmu Gong

Functions: Dredges the Liver Channel to nourish the liver, improves eyesight, relaxes the neck and back muscles, relieves muscular spasms of the eyes, and promotes recovery from fatigue. Methods

1. Preparation. Stand relaxed and quiet, place the feet apart as wide as the shoulders, drop the hands naturally at the sides of the body, picture supporting an object on the head, pull in the chest and straighten the back, relax the loins and knees, look straight forward, and breathe naturally.

2. Vision Regulation. Look straight ahead and fix your eyes on a second point. Then, look farther and farther until you reach your limit and fix your eyes on a point. Stare at the point for a moment and then draw the vision gradually back to first point. Do this 4 times. Next look straight ahead, as far as possible, and simultaneously turn the eyeballs clockwise and counterclockwise 4 times each. Breathe naturally during these procedures.

3. Turning the Neck and Moving the Eyeballs. Look into the distance, turn the neck clockwise and counterclockwise for 4 times each with the eyes following the movement of the neck. Inhale when the neck turns backwards and exhale when it turns forwards (Fig. 45).

4. Throwing Out the Chest and Relaxing the Back. Raise the arms to the chest with the elbows bent and palms towards the breasts. Pull the elbows backward to throw out the chest and inspire at the same time. Relax the back and expire. Do this 8 times (Fig 46).

5. Pressing Acupuncture Point Jingming and Guiding Qi. Press the point Jingming (U.B. 1) with the thumbs while concentrating the mind on the eyes. Press toward the orbits and backward during inspiration. Then squeeze the eyeballs gently during expiration while saying "Xu" (Fig. 47). The proper pressing should produce a sensation of soreness and distention but not pain. Figure 46

6. Pressing the Acupuncture Point

Yuyao and Guiding Qi. Place the two thumbs on the point Yuyao (Extra 5) and concentrate the mind on the eyes. Press towards the orbits during inspiration and press the eyeballs gently during expiration while saying "Xu." Try to get the sensation of soreness and distention without pain.

7. Pressing Acupuncture Point Qiuhou and Guiding Qi. Place the middle fingers on point Qiuhou (Extra 7) and put the index finger lightly on the point Sizhuhong (S.J. 23). Press the orbit backward with the middle fingers during inspiration, and squeeze the eyeballs gently during expiration while saying "Xu" (Fig. 48).

8. Bathing the Eyes. Use natural respiration. Place the four fingers of the left hand on the left eye and the four fingers of the right hand on the right eye, and rotate gently (the left hand clockwise and the right counterclockwise) 8 times then reverse (Fig. 49).

9. Bathing the Face. Place the palms on the cheeks and rotate and knead gently, in the same direction and for the same number of times as in the exercise "Bathing the Eyes." Use natural respiration (Fig. 50).

10. Regulating Qi. Close the eyes lightly, bend the elbows and raise the hands in front of the abdomen with palms facing upward (Fig. 51). Lift the palms slowly to the level of the eyes and rotate the palms slowly throughout the motion, so the palms end up the eyes. During this movement inspire and concentrate the mind on the eyes. Lift the two hands to almost the top of the head and then begin expiration. While still concentrating on the palms, lower the two hands to the level of the abdomen while continuing to exhale. Do this for 8 times before returning the hands to the starting posture to end the exercise.


This exercise functions mainly in the prevention and treatment of myopia and astigmatism in adolescents and in the health care of eyes in the young and middle-aged. There should be no distracting thoughts while practicing this exercise. Mental activities and hand manipulations

Stra Distan
Figure 49

Figure 50

should be coordinated closely. There may be sensations like depressing and tugging between the palms and the eyes, itching in the eyelids, and warmth or coldness in the eyes. These are normal effects of activities. Points for Attention

Practice the exercise once in the morning and once in the evening. Avoid overstrain of the eyes. If you have to read for a long time, do some of the above exercises to protect your vision. Do not make the distance between your eyes and the object too short, read in dim light or while lying or standing. Remember to look at a distant object regularly. Stare at the object for a while and draw back the sight slowly.

Figure 51

Figure 51

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