Exercise of Taking Essence from the Sun and the Moon Cai Rijing Yuehua GongJ

Functions: Balances Yin and Yang of the body, re-establishes a connection with nature. Methods

1. Taking Essence from the Sun. Stand quiet and relaxed while facing the sun with the feet shoulder-width apart. Breathe evenly and expel distracting thoughts. When the sun rises from the horizon, close the eyes but not too tightly, so as to see the soft and reddish sunlight. Naturally inhale the sun's essence and imagine filling your mouth with it. Stop inhaling and relax the mind. During expiration, slowly swallow the sun's essence leading it down to the Dantian. Repeat the inhalation-swallowing cycle 9 times. Stay quiet and relaxed with the mind concentrated for a minute. Then move the body freely to end the exercise.

2. Taking Essence from the Moon. Select an open place with fresh air, and stand quiet and relaxed. Breathe naturally, expel distractions, and face the moon. Close the eyes to see only the faint light of the moon, and slowly inhale the moon's essence with both the mouth and nose. Imagine that the moon's essence is filling the mouth. Stop focusing on the breath, and concentrate your attention. During expiration, swallow the moon essence leading it down to the Dantian. Do this 6 times. Keep quiet for a minute then move the body freely for a while to end the exercise.

Chapter 3: Various Qigong Exercises Application

The exercise Taking Essence from the Sun can treat intolerance of cold due to Yang insufficiency, coldness of the extremities, weakness of the spleen and stomach, and listlessness. Taking Essence from the Moon can treat hyperactivity of fire due to Yin deficiency; fever, thirst, and restlessness; feverish sensation in the palms and soles; and pain in the loins and knees. For general health, you should set the time and duration of the exercise flexibly according to your own schedule. Points for Attention

For health preservation, practice the exercise Taking Essence from the Sun 3-7 times on the first, second and third day of a month of the lunar calendar. Perform Taking Essence from the Moon 3 times from the fifteenth to seventeenth day of a month of the lunar calendar. Those with insufficiency of Yin or Yang can do these exercises at other times besides the above mentioned dates. Do not do these exercises on cloudy, rainy or windy days. If the symptoms have subsided, then perform the exercise in the way defined for health preservation. Be sure to select an environment that has a supply of fresh air, be lighthearted and avoid anger.

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