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Functions: Promotes a clear complexion, prevents and treats diseases by adjusting the channels and acupuncture points on the head, and increases blood circulation. Methods

1. Preparation. Take the upright sitting or standing posture. Relax the entire body, applying the tongue against the palate. Close the eyes slightly and get rid of distractions.

2. Pushing the Forehead. Put the index, middle, and ring fingers of each hand together. Push the forehead with the fingertips from the midpoint of the eyebrows upward to the front hairline 24-50 times (Fig.9) and from the

Pushing Forehead

midpoint of the forehead outward toward the temples 24-50 times. The right hand should push the right side and the left hand should push the left. Respiration should be fine and long. Push with more force while exhaling and less while inhaling. Try to feel beneath your hands while pushing.

3. Kneading Motion. Put the middle fingers against the depression lateral to the external canthi (corner of the eye) on either side of the head (Acupuncture point Taiyang (Extra 2)). Press and knead in a counterclockwise motion 24-50 times (Fig. 10). Refer to method 2 (Pushing the Forehead) for methods of mind concentration and respiration.

4. Bathing the Face. Rub the face with the two palms. Start from the midpoint of the forehead and move outward toward the hairline and ears, downward and then upward along the sides of the nose and back to the forehead. Rub clockwise with one palm and counterclockwise with another, and vice versa, 24—50 times using natural respiration. Try to get an electric feeling under the palms while rubbing.

5. Combing the Hair. Separate the fingers and curve the hands slightly. Use them to comb the. hair 24—50 times starting from the front hairline and moving backwards. Set the tongue against the palate and keep the breathing natural. Pay attention to the sensation under the palms.

6. Sweeping the Gallbladder Channel. Put the four fingers close together and curve them slightly. Scrape with the fingertips Figure li along the Gallbladder Channel from above the ears backward via the frontal angle toward the back of the head (Fig. 11). Pay attention to the sensation under the palms. Respiration should be even and long. Scrape 5-10

times during expiration and stop scraping during inspiration. Do the exercise for 5-10 respiratory cycles.

7. Rubbing the Back of the Head. Clasp the hands against the lower part of the occipital bone (bone in the back, lower part of the skull) with the fingers interlocked. Rub the back of the head from the top downwards 5—10 times during expiration and stop rubbing during inspiration. Do this for 5-10 respiratory cycles, concentrating the mind on Figure 12

activities under the hands (Fig. 12).


Head and Face Exercise is suitable for invigorating the skin and preventing wrinkles in young people. It also treats hypertension, facial paralysis, headaches, dizziness, colds and migraines, and prevents and treats hair loss in older people. For grooming purposes, put the stress on the following three procedures: bathing the face, pushing the forehead, and combing the hair. Use natural respiration and pay attention to the sensation induced by the hand manipulation. Imagine that your wrinkles have vanished and the blood is circulating perfectly. Those with headaches and dizziness due to hypertension and neurosis should use the following: sweeping the gallbladder channel, massaging Taiyang (Extra 2), and scraping the back of the head. Pay attention to the sensation under the hands. Try to get the functional activities of Qi to move downwards during expiration in coordination with hand manipulation. Stop the manipulation during inspiration. Avoid respiratory suppression and violent rubbing or scraping. Points for Attention

Practice the exercise 1-4 times a day. The number of hand manipulations and the force used should be increased gradually depending on the actual conditions of the individual. Avoid bursts of anger or mental stress. Lead a balanced life. If you feel dizzy or uncomfortable after mental work, do the exercise one or two times to dispel fatigue.

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