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Hiccup, called Da E Te (belch), is usually caused by spasm of the diaphragm due to excessive intake of raw, cold, or pungent food. It may also be caused by an adverse rise of stomach Qi, that results from the liver Qi attacking the stomach.

Symptoms: The hiccup is continuous, usually lasting several minutes or hours and then ceasing without treatment in the mild cases. In severe cases, it may last for days and seriously interfere with eating and sleeping. If hiccup occurs at a time when the patient has been sick for some time or in a state of severe illness, it may be a sign of crisis which deserves special attention.

1. Self-Treatment with Qigong Exercise. Facing south, assume either the sitting or standing posture. Keep the feet shoulders-width apart, and relax the whole body. Practice reverse abdominal respiration taking deep breaths. During expiration, guide the flow of Qi downward to the Dantian and then further to the acupuncture point Dadun (Liv.l) for a period of 3-9 normal respirations. Practice Chest-Hypochondrium Exercise and Massaging the Hypochondrium and saying "Xu" of the Liver Regulation Exercise.

2. Treatment with Outgoing Qi. The patient should sit or stand facing south, relax, and breath normally. Pinch Zhongge (located at the end of the line between the first two-segments of the middle finger on the thumb side). Press and knead the points Pishu (U.B. 20), Geshu (U.B. 17), Tanzhong (Ren 17), Zhongfu (Lu 1), and Yunmen (Lu 2). Using the Flat Palm hand gesture and pushing-pulling-leading manipulation emit Qi towards the point Tanzhong (Ren 17) and then guide the Qi down to the lower limbs along the Stomach Channel of Foot Yangming which helps regulate the functional activities of Qi. Next, emit Qi towards the points Pishu (U.B. 20), Weishu (U.B. 21), and Ganshu (U.B. 17) on the back, and guide Qi to flow downward along the Urinary Bladder Channel of Foot Taiyang. This may normalize the functional activities of Qi.

If the patient's condition has not improved, emit Qi towards the point Baihui (Du 20) and guide it to flow to the Dantian along the Ren Channel, which is known as guiding Qi to its origin. All this is performed using the Flat Palm gesture and pushing-pulling-leading manipulations.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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