Inner Health Cultivation Exercise Ne jyang Gong

Functions: Combines silent recitation of words with breathing and also invigorates the functions of the digestive and respiratory systems. Methods

This exercise utilizes either nasal respiration or oral-nasal breathing techniques.

1. Nasal Respiration. Assume a lying or sitting posture, and select either abdominal or reverse breathing. During nasal inspiration, put the tip of the tongue against the palate and direct Qi down to the Dantian (1.3 cm inferior to the navel), thinking the word "I". Hold the breath and silently say "keep", "I keep quiet", or "I keep quiet for the good of my health". During expiration, the tongue is released. At the beginning, use fewer words and slowly increase the number. For example, start with three, then five, and finally to nine words, the maximum. Inhale when you say the first part of the sentence and exhale when you say the second part. Hold the breath when you say the word in the middle.

2. Oral-nasal Respiration. Use abdominal respiration. Inhale though the nose and direct Qi down to the Dantian-, exhale through the mouth. Hold the breath with the tongue stuck against the palate, while silently speaking the appropriate words as discussed above. Release the tongue when you finish the words and begin again for another round. End this exercise in the same way as Psychosomatic Relaxation Exercise.


This exercise is indicated for prevention and treatment of chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, chronic hepatitis, neurosis, hypertension, irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, and other disorders. Points for Attention

Practice of this exercise is recommended 1-4 times a day, 10-60 minutes each time. Use abdominal respiration at the initial stage of practice and change to reverse breathing when you are very familiar with the mechanics of this exercise. During the initial stages of the exercise, use no more that three words when holding the breath. As you become more comfortable with the practice, gradually increase the number of words you silently say. Do not force yourself to hold your breath or bulge your abdomen. A warm sensation will be felt in the lower abdomen after long-time practice.

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