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Functions: Clears the nasal passages, prevents cavities by reinforcing the teeth.


1. Preparation. Assume a sitting or standing posture. Get rid of nasal discharge and become relaxed and quiet. Breathe naturally.

2. Bathing the Nose. Rub the dorsal (back) sides of the thumbs against each other until they are hot. Use them to rub the sides of the nose gently up and down. Rub the nose 5 times during each inspiration and expiration. Perform 6 respiratory cycles (Fig. 15).

3. Kneading the Nose Apex. Put the tip of the middle finger of the right hand on the apex (tip) of the nose and knead it counterclockwise during inspiration and clockwise Figure 15

during expiration for 5 times each. Do this for 6 respiratory cycles.

4. Tapping and Clenching the Teeth. Tap the upper and lower teeth together 36 times and swallow the saliva that accumulates from this activity. Always clench the teeth during defeca-

tion or urination, and relax them gradually when finished. Breathe naturally and concentrate the mind on the teeth so as to consolidate vital essence. Application

The Nose and Teeth Exercise can clear the nasal passages, strengthen the teeth, and prevent cavities. Long-term practice will yield sure benefits. This exercise is not only used for health preservation, but also for prevention and treatment of a stuffy nose, a runny nose with turbid discharge, a cold, and a toothache. Points for Attention

Practice the exercise 1-2 times a day. For prevention and treatment of rhinitis, bathing the nose is the method of choice and should be practiced 2-4 times a day. Hand manipulation should be gentle and penetrating. To avoid skin injury, rough force should not be used. Pay attention to oral hygiene and expel any nasal discharge before practice.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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