Shoulder Arm Exercise Jianhi Gong

Functions: Prevents and treats disorders of the shoulders and arms, facilitates circulation of the blood in the Three Yang and Three Yin Channels of the hand, reduces swelling, allays pain, and lubricates the joints. Methods

1. Preparation. Assume either standing or sitting posture, remove any distractions, relax, and breathe naturally.

2. Pounding the Shoulders and Arms. Make the left hand into a hollow fist and pound the external, internal, and anterior sides of the right arm from the shoulder to the wrist. Repeat this procedure for the left arm.

3. Dredging the Three Yin and Three Yang Channels of Hand. Sit erect and place the right hand on the right thigh with palm up. With the left palm, massage the internal side of the right arm from the uppermost aspect, along the Three Yin Channels of Hand down to the palm (Fig. 19). Exhale slowly and allow the mind to follow the massaging hand. Then turn the right hand, so the palm is down, and massage with the left palm from the back of the right palm along the Three Yang Channels of Hand up to the shoulder while inhaling and following the hand manipulation with the mind (Fig. 20). Practice this procedure 7 times then massage the point Hegu (L.I. 4) 36 times with the left hand. Avoid holding the breath during the exercise and relax the arms as much as possible. Dredge the Three Yin and Three Yang Channels of the Hand of the left arm in the same way, remembering to massage the point Hegu (L.I. 4) with the right hand.

Hand Shoulder

4. Kneading Qucbt. Knead the point Quchi (L.I. 11) on the right arm with the left thumb 36 times. Do the same to the left Quchi (LI. 11) with the right thumb.

5. Hegu. Knead the right and left Hegu (L.I. 4), with the left and right thumbs respectively, 36 times each.


This exercise promotes the flow of Qi and blood in the Three Yin and Yang Channels of Hands, relieves swelling and pain, and lubricates the joints. It is recommended for conditions such as aching, pain, and numbness of the arm and shoulder, and sprains and weakness of the limbs. To treat arm and shoulder pain, do this exercise together with other methods such as flexing, stretching and rotating the shoulders, elbows and wrists. Points for Attention

Practice this exercise once or twice a day. It can also be done following other exercises to regulate the Qi in the arms. Do not wash the hands or take a bath with cold water immediately after the exercise.

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