Waist Exercise Yaobu GongJ

Functions: Improves circulation in the lumbar region, strengthens the muscles and bones, reinforces the loins, and replenishes the kidneys. Methods

1. Preparation. Stand erect with feet shoulder-width apart, relax, and breathe naturally.

2. Moving the Waist to Strengthen the Muscles. Stand with hands on the waist, and move the waist clockwise and counterclockwise 36 times in each direction (Fig.21).

3. Pounding the Waist. Turn hands into hollow fists and pound them against renal regions and the lumbosacral area 36 times each.

4. Rubbing the Waist. Rub the two palms against each other until they are hot, and then use them to rub the entire lumbar and renal regions until the regions are warm.

Images Waist Exercise

Chapter 3: Various Qigong Exercises Application

This exercise is usually practiced for health preservation and the prevention and treatment of lumbago, soreness in the waist and weakness of the knees. Those with lower back pain due to lowered kidney function usually do this exercise in combination with such exercises as Nourishing the Kidney for Rejuvenation. Points for Attention

Practice this exercise once or twice a day. Limit the frequency of sexual intercourse. The exercise can be done after practicing other exercises to enhance the effect of waist training.

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