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By Master Wang Xin-wu, China

Martial art is a Chinese national sport. It is also to be reassured by all people of the world. Martial arts have both attack and defence, and these movements need to be placed in sequence to create a style. Sex, age, location, seasons or weapons do not govern martial art. The purpose of martial art is to toughen your bones and muscles for defence, and to improve your intelligence and mental attitude. Because peoples of the world are now exchanging in cultures and martial artists have similar interests, friendships are being formed of mutual benefit to all concerned.

T'ai chi is one style of martial art. There are five different versions. The most popular versions in China are the Chen and Yang styles. The Yang style is very relaxed, smooth and slow, with internal strength. It is suitable for the old, the weak or those suffering from illness.

The author of this book, Erie Montaigue, brought the Australian Kung Fu Association to visit Yinchuan City, Ningxia, to see the Chinese Martial Arts Tournament in May 1985. Master Montaigue gave a demonstration which was very well received by the audience, and the local newspaper and television station interviewed him. He is well remembered by the Chinese people since this time.

I saw Master Montaigue's Yang style T'ai chi demonstration. His toi sou (pushing hands), ch'i and style, were very professional and close to perfection. I appreciate his knowledge. I know Mr. Montaigue has introduced T'ai chi to Australia and the Pacific area with excellent results.

I am one of the direct descendants to inherit Yang style T'ai chi. I have written a book of 48 techniques and I am also a Chinese T'ai chi champion. Mr. Montaigue and I have built a very good friendship because of our love of T'ai chi, and we are both close to the same age. We both have beards and curly hair and have both worked on films. Our friendship is not only on a personal basis; I would hope for it to cement a friendship between Australia and China.

I wish Master Montaigue every success in his business and I wish T'ai chi in Australia national success.

I hope we can group together to improve the standard of martial arts. I send my special regards to martial arts devotees in Australia and the pacific region.

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