Medical Tai chi and Qigong

The T'ai chi doctor diagnoses in two ways — physical and mental, or external and internal.

Mentally unbalanced attitudes usually manifest themselves in some physical ailment and if the practitioner is able to recognise these imbalances s/he is able to treat the physical disease, thereby treating the mental disease. On a very basic level, and keeping in mind that there are many variants in diagnosis of this kind, we have an imbalance of yin and yang. If a person is overly quiet and reticent, then there is usually a yang deficiency, whereas if the person is too outgoing and extrovert then there is a yin deficiency. Other mental disorders are caused by the same imbalance on a more sensitive level and must be treated with caution. Also, it must be remembered that certain people will seem to have a yin deficiency but in fact may be covering up for a yang deficiency, and vice versa. This can become evident in the way a person performs the T'ai chi movements. If for example a person is extremely extrovert and loud, but the movements are very small and close to the body, then they are probably using the extroversion to cover up introversion. Usually just learning the T'ai chi form will cure this condition, and after some time you will note that the movements become more open and well balanced and the mental condition improves.

Teaching a patient the T'ai chi form treats overall ailments and is used to balance the whole body internally and externally over a period of time. But sometimes a more direct approach is needed to cure a certain disease, so that the movements will become easier to learn. For this we must look at the physical way of diagnosis using T'ai chi and Qigong.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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