The body should always be slightly alkaline and if we allow it to become acid then sickness occurs. Food can be either acid forming or acid binding; acid forming means that on digestion the food becomes acid or mucus, acid binding means that on digestion the food binds itself to the mucus so it can be eliminated.

There are two kinds of mucus — the one our mucus membrane produces is a free flowing slime which contains mucin and various body salts; the other comes from outside and is a poison.

Foods that are acid before digestion do not remain acid —all fruit, even citrus fruit, becomes alkaline on digestion. This is why when we eat only fruit, the acid that has been stored in our bodies is now eliminated through our kidneys and so we feel sick — so don't be too radical in the beginning or you might damage your kidneys. Other foods such as cheese and meat become acid on digestion, and therefore mucus forming. All grains are mucus forming, as are beans; sprouted seeds are not.

If you have spent your life eating junk food and suddenly go on a long fast, be very careful what you eat after the fast. If acid binding foods are eaten e.g. figs, grapes or olives, this could cause too much poison to be eliminated, so start with the in between foods such as apples or bananas.

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