Pa-kua chang is an ancient Chinese martial/healing art, and is much less widely known than its brother, T'ai chi ch'uan. Pa-kua, like T'ai chi can produce some amazing healing results.

The exact origins of pa-kua are not known, but we do know that its basis is found in the Chinese Book of Changes or the I Ching. The I Ching is one of the oldest books from ancient Chinese culture and is used as a kind of bible — it is said to be able to predict the future and many people use it only as a book of prophesy.

The basic philosophy is one of softness overcoming hardness, and the use of the yielding principle instead of force on force, rather like the philosophy of a man called Jesus. Pa-kua is also based upon the Tao and once again we see the non-aggressive or yielding factor Taoism is a philosophy, which predates the more scientific Confucianism.

The 1-jing is said to cover every possible change that occurs in nature and in pa-kua we also cover these changes within the various palm changes, thus bringing ourselves a little closer to the Universe.

Certain animal movements are copied during the practice of pa-kua and have immediate healing benefits on the body because of the way in which we twist and turn, activating every acupuncture meridian and exercising every muscle and tendon in the body

As with T'ai chi after some time of practice, we generate the internal energy called ch'i and so every organ is bathed in life giving force.

Some of the pa-kua postures are shown in photographs 23 to 26. These postures can be used in a static position using natural breath, or within the context of the pa-kua form

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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