Prenatal or foetal breath

When a baby is in the womb it uses reverse breathing, using the part of the abdomen under the diaphragm. This is called pre-natal; everything above the diaphragm is called post-natal. In order to mix the inner and outer breath, we must breathe like an unborn foetus as well as a young child. To do this we must perform both reverse and natural breathing.

As you breathe in, suck in the lower abdomen under the diaphragm. At the same time the part of the abdomen on the top of the diaphragm is pushed out. Now as you breathe out, the lower abdomen is pushed out while the upper is contracted. This causes a sort of wave effect and when the lungs are at full inhalation, the pre-natal and post-natal ch'i is allowed to mix at the border of the diaphragm. This is because the ch'i in the pre-natal part and in the post-natal part flow in opposite directions. If we breathe normally, using only natural breathing or only reverse breathing, then the two kinds of ch'i would not meet. As you breathe out, a little of the outer ch'i is added to the inner ch'i, and that is how we build up our store of ch'i by breathing.

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