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There is a set routine starting from the head and moving down. Sit on the floor in a lotus or cross-legged position. The palms are held as shown in photograph 35; the eyes are slightly closed with the tongue pressed lightly to the hard palate. The shoulders are relaxed and the back straight and vertical to the ground. After a short time of meditation rub the palms together for about 10 seconds to create some heat. Then place the index and middle fingers of each hand onto the forehead as shown in photograph 36. Rub the fingers back and forth lightly all over the forehead for about 10 seconds, then take the palms back down to the knees in a circular movement and meditate again for about 10 seconds, breathing deeply but gently.

Next, rub the palms together again and place the same fingers over each eye and rub gently for 10 seconds, covering the whole closed eye and the eye socket. Take the palms back to the knees.

Rub the palms together again and take the same fingers up to the ears and rub the whole ear for about 10 seconds, including behind the ear and just down onto the jaw. Take the palms back down again and meditate.

Rub the palms together again, and this time take the fingers around to the back of the neck rubbing gently the whole of the neck back and front and up into the medulla (back of the brain). Take the palms back to the knees.

Rub the palms and repeat the whole process on the mouth and chin including the cheekbones.

To massage the head we start by rubbing the palms together and then leaning forward as we press the fingers of each hand into the floor for about 3 seconds. See photograph 37. Now take the tips of the fingers of each palm and tap the whole skull so that you feel the pressure is almost painful but not quite. See photograph 38. Take the palms back to the knees.

For the teeth, we 'clack' the jaw 36 times. With hands on your knees, open your mouth and clack your teeth together lightly Even if you have false teeth you will still be activating the acupuncture points of the jaw. This is important for the normal functioning of the bowel.

Next we rub the palms together, and this time using a closed fist rub the whole of one arm with one fist. The pressure should be firm. Repeat this on the other arm. Photograph 39.

Bring the palms back to the knees and rub them together again. This time the closed fist rubs the whole chest area using both fists together.

Take the palms back and rub them again. Now take the fists around to your lower back and rub the whole of the kidney area as shown in photograph 40.

Take [he palms back to the knees and repeat the rubbing together. Now place your left palm onto your left knee. Using the right thumb and forefinger, rub with a heavy action the point called 'Dragon Mouth Point' or Colon 4, just between the thumb and forefinger See photograph 41

Repeat this procedure on each of your fingers, rubbing the whole way down to the tip with a little force. Then complete by rubbing the back of the left hand with the right palm. Repeat this procedure using the opposite hand.

The same procedure is carried out on the legs. Using the closed fist lightly punch the underside of the thigh and rub the top of the thigh. The same applies to the lower leg. Rub the toes and when completed take a hold of each foot and shake it gently as shown in photograph 42.

Also press using a little force all over the sole of each foot using the tips of the fingers.

To complete the self-massage, place each fist onto your chest and breathe in. As you gently throw both fists out, bend at the waist as far as you are able and breathe out. Hold this posture for about 10 seconds before sitting up and breathing in again. See photograph 43.

Stand up and in a very relaxed way swing each arm in turn until the fist strikes the shoulder. You should feel a slight shock wave. Repeat this 3 times on each shoulder. See photograph 44

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