Health Benefits

Exercises the neck muscles. Exercises the eye muscles.

Balance and brain functions are improved by coordinated movements. Stretching helps contribute to the relaxation of stiff and tense muscles. A clear and peaceful mind reduces negative stress on the body. Using both sides of the body (mirroring in a movement form) can have positive effects on the structural alignment of the body and enhance coordination. Slow, deep and regular breathing brings extra oxygen into your blood. Disclaimer.

References (See below for reference sources.)

Turn Head to Look Back to Allay Five Strains and Seven Impairments. (R1)

Looking Back like a Cow Gazing at the Moon. (R2)

Thrust out the Chest and Twist the Neck to take a Good Look to the Rear.

The Five Weaknesses and Seven Injuries will be Gone. (R3) Eye of the Tiger. (R4)

Looking Backward to Get Rid of Weary and Injurious Feelings. (R5) Looking Behind to Cure Fatigue and Distress. (R6) The Wise Owl Gazes Backward. (R7)

Turning the Head and Looking Behind. (R8) Shake the Heavenly Pillar. (R10) Turning Head. (R11)

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