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Horse stances condition and strengthen the legs, knees, waist and back muscles. Shoulders, biceps and forearms are conditioned and strengthened. Many Chinese healers believe that this exercise helps regulate and improve the kidneys. Balance and brain functions are improved by coordinated movements. Stretching helps contribute to the relaxation of stiff and tense muscles. Standing up straight in a horse stance helps realign the back muscles and the spine. A clear and peaceful mind reduces negative stress on the body. Increased heart rate and breathing rate provide some cardiovascular benefit. Useful imagery can have positive effects on mental functioning and performance. Using both sides of the body (mirroring in a movement form) can have positive effects on the structural alignment of the body and enhance coordination. Slow, deep and regular breathing positively effects mood, energy levels, and alertness; as well as improving the mechanical functioning of the lungs. Exercises the eye muscles. Disclaimer

Sat Chuen Hon, in his book Taoist Qigong, includes a movement sequence similar to "Drawing the Bow" and using the healing sound "Xi", and considers these actions to be of great benefit to the health of the Lungs.

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