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Slowly bend forward from the hips as your hands move slowly down the outside of your legs. Both hands should remain touching your body during this entire exercise movement. Feel your body with your hands, and feel your hands with your body. Slowly exhale as you bend forward, and draw the abdomen inward.

Continue to move the hands down the sides of the legs as you bend forward. Bend your knees! Lower your head, relax your shoulders and back. Move both hands down until you reach your ankles. Hold for a few seconds in this low position.

Slowly move both of your hands up the back of the legs as you unbend and lift your head and back.

Keep the knees bent. Slowly trace the hands up the hamstrings and up over the glutes. Slowly inhale as you bring your hands from your ankles to your lower back.

Place the hands on the lower back. The back of the hands should touch the area in the lower back about where the kidneys are located. Massage the lower back by move the back of the hands in semi-circles.

Gently massage the area behind the kidneys. Stand up straight, but not rigidly. Lift the head. Relax the shoulders. Enjoy this gentle lower back massage for 30 seconds or more. Breathe freely. This massage movement is also know as "Rub the Court of the Kidneys."

Slowly and gently bend backwards, keeping your hands on your lower back. Look upwards and backwards as you bend backwards. Lift your chest upwards and back. Your head should bend back gently. Bend your back and neck only to the degree that you feel safe and comfortable. Hold for 20 seconds or more.

Keep the backs of your hands on your lower back. Breathe freely.

Slowly unwind forward as your hands move from your back, along your sides, and to the front of the hips.

Gently straighten the back and neck till you are standing up straight. Relax your shoulders. Smile. Enjoy a long, deep, and slow inhale.

Repeat this movement sequence 4 to 8 repetitions. Move slowly. Don't jerk. Relax.

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