Starting Position

From the Wu Ji position step out with your left foot into a horse stance. Your feet should be wider than shoulder width. Feet can be pointing straight ahead or pointing out from your body at a 45° angle.

The knees should be bent as you squat down. The depth of the squat will depend upon your level of conditioning and any body mechanics or injury issues you may have. Try to squat down a little more with every second repetition of this exercise. Back should be straight, Torso should be centered and upright. Rest your hands on the sides of your thighs. Your elbows should be pointing our to the sides at a 90° angle from the direction you are facing (if you are facing north, your right elbow would point to the east and the left elbow to the west). Take a wide angle and soft focus with your eyes.

Breath naturally, deeply, and comfortably - as you bend down breathe out, inhale when facing to the sides.

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