Variations of the Movement

Sink lower in the horse stance every 2 to 4 punches. The lower the horse stance the more physically demanding the exercise because of the tension in the quadriceps.

Some hold the hands at the waist in a open position with the fingers pointed forward. When the arm is extended, the hand moves to strike with the palm and with the fingers up. The movement is still done slowly and gently, but palm rather than fist strikes are used.

Chi Kung movements are generally done in a relaxed, soft, and gentle manner. However, if your spirit is in a Yang mode and your energy high, you might sometimes punch with a bit more gusto. If the intent is to develop speed, power, and throw the fire of anger outward, then some additional energy must be used and projected, in addition to sinking even lower in the horse stance, and opening the eyes wider. This kind of dynamic and forceful punching is sometimes referred to as punching with fa-jing (emitting jing energy).

Some stand in a shoulder width stance, knees only slightly bent. They gently rise up and down as punches are made, rising up and exhaling as the punch goes out.

Right fist is at the right side of your waist. Palm strike straight in front with the left hand. Make a fist with the left hand, turn the left wrist over and backfist strike with the left fist. Pull the left arm back to left side of your waist, left fist up at side. As left arm comes back, strike forward with a right palm strike. Make a fist with the right hand, turn the right wrist over and backfist strike with the right fist.

Pull the right arm back to the right side of your waist, right fist up at side. As the right arm comes back, strike forward with a left palm strike. Repeat! Repeat back and forth, alternating arms.

Inhale as you turn your wrist, exhale forcefully as your backfist and then palm strike. I like this variation the best while walking.

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