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Quit Smoking Magic is the first and Only program of its type that literally can Force You to easily kick the habit in just days even if you have a shoestring budget and absolutely no will power. Benefits: Helps You to successfully quit smoking in as little as just days. Its as easy as taking candy from a Sleeping baby. This system takes just minutes to administer. This system can be done on a shoestring budget. Absolutely no chance of Any negative side effects. Works for almost Everyone 98% success rate thus far. You will never relapse with this program. Theres no Will-power necessary with Quit Smoking Magic. Powerful concept based on Real-life experiences rather than just theories. Quit Smoking Magic Teaches You: How to quit smoking cigarettes super-fast. How to stop your Cravings dead in their tracks. How to Never relapse with this nasty habit. How to avoid spending a ton of Money in your quest for quitting. How to quit smoking Now rather than later. How to Automatically kick this habit even without will-power. How to keep from having withdrawal symptoms and nasty mood swings. How to refrain from having Insomnia after quitting. How to avoid restlessness as well as changes in appetite. Continue reading...

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The very first point I want to make certain that Quit Smoking Magic definitely offers the greatest results.

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Smoke Free In One Hour

Joan Chionilos is the person behind the smoke free in one hour program. She has been a hypnotherapist for more than 18 years. She has been certified by the National Guild of Hypnotherapists, which is the oldest and largest association of hypnotherapists you can find in the world, so she can be trusted. She has dedicated her entire career to helping people quit smoking for good with the use of hypnosis. With her expertise in hypnotherapy, you should expect nothing but results when you purchase her product. Her methods has helped lots of people all around the world quit smoking for good, your case will not be different. This is a digital product that contains one hour of professional hypnosis recording. Smoke free in one hour is an effective one-hour stop smoking hypnosis session. This hypnosis session works to eliminate your cigarette cravings at the same time it increases your willpower. It is available online for download for you to use at home. It is very easy to use. This program has been designed for anyone who is ready to quit smoking once and for all. All you need to do is to get comfortable, sit back, relax and listen to this recording. You will not regret your decision. Continue reading...

Smoke Free In One Hour Summary

Contents: Hypnosis Recording
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Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program

This awesome program was created by the world-renowned Hypnosis expert and a TV Performer, Randy Charach. If you have ever tried any of the readily available means of dealing with smoking and failed terribly, Mind Power Hypnosis will help you avoid smoking within a reasonable period of time. This product targets male and females of all walks of life who wants to reverse the conditions and live a happy life., You don't have to keep smoking and compromise your health. Mind Power Hypnosis is one of the best and the most reliable methods of dealing with smoking. The program is available in both MP3 audio and PDF readable documents. the product will completely make you give away smoking. you will be able to go thorough your daily life without noticing that there's something missing in your hands. Randy Charach come up with this brilliant product to help people from any corner of the world take good care of their lives by living a healthy life. It is recommended that you should use this product several days after you have entirely quitted smoking. This will ensure that you will not be able to slide back to smoking. Your family needs you and hence you don't have to make them suffer dealing with your medical bills day in day out. Continue reading...

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Stop Smoking With EFT

The program was created by Joe who took a period of more than 18 months to finalize the whole work with over 6 months live exposure to real smokers. Within this period, over 120 full length EFT scripts were created. The product is actually going to describe how smoking cigarettes can move from being an addiction to being a subconscious activity. The program helps you understand why it is difficult to quit smoking and what you can do to ensure that you can tackle the problem with just changing the way you think. The Emotional Freedom Technique has proven to be one of the best methods of helping you quit smoking. The program will also help you detach from the feelings of anxiety, stress and depression that you are likely to experience as you are trying to quit. According to the author, the program can release any negative thoughts that we have in our subconscious mind. EFT is specifically created targeting smokers. It is a very informative program with step by step guide which is likely to help smokers quit smoking and enjoy their live on a whole different perspective. Quit smoking with EFT targets all smokers regardless of their gender and age. Breaking the bonds between you and the smoke can be challenging. This is a downloadable product that is available in PDF format. There are some of the contents that are available in downloadable MP3 formats. Continue reading...

Stop Smoking With EFT Summary

Contents: Eft Scripts, Audios
Author: Joe Williams
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The Painless Stop Smoking Cure

You get a special 5-Part Video Series that will explain to you Why you had so much difficulties so far to quit smoking and which Five easy steps you need to take to get rid of your mental addiction. Once you make this mental shift, you can stop smoking without any cravings or having the feeling to give up your cigarette! 100% Guaranteed! You'll discover: .The reason why most smokers fail. (NO, it's not your fault!) Why patches, gums etc really can't help you and cause 94.6% of smokers to restart the bad habit. Five easy steps to become a Free, Happy Non-Smoker. The Three typical characteristics of the will-power method and why this is so hard to do. You're about to discover a method to stop smoking that is so different from everything you have ever tried. Stop Smoking sits between your ears. Continue reading...

The Painless Stop Smoking Cure Summary

Contents: EBook
Author: Eric Eraly

Clinical Manifestations

Rub the surface of Qihai point 100 times, then press it a little and rub it another 100 times. Then press with force and rub still another 100 times. Use the building-up massage method in the above rubbing (See Chapter Five for the building-up and letting- out massage method). Press three times with three breaths (see the following section of lung cancer for the method of pressing three times with breaths, but pay attention to exhaling before inhaling). Then put the hand on the affected part and use the letting-out massage method to rub 100 times with force, another 100 times with less pressure and still another 100 times on the

Whats So Bad about Feeling Good

As the ship docks, the bird gets loose and eventually lands on the windowsill of Morse and Moore's pad. Infected immediately, the two leave behind their hedonistic lifestyle and begin what can best be described as a fairy tale. Soon, the whole city is infected. Crime disappears drug, alcohol, and tobacco use becomes nonexistent and New York City, as well as other cities, starts to look like nirvana that is, until the government steps in. Apparently, when the alcohol and tobacco use evaporated, so did the tax base, which worried the elected officials. So, an immunization was created and secretly put into the gasoline, which, via multitudes of combustible car engines, mixed with the city's air pollution, and within days, everything was back to normal. Well, almost normal. As it turns out, some people, like Mary Tyler Moore's character, never caught the virus in the first place. It seems that she was already happy, but, being caught up in all the problems of city life, she forgot it. The...

Severe Allergic Reactions

I had never felt something so thick, heavy and dense. I removed blockages wherever I was guided to do even though I thought it was so unusual. I do not usually tell people what blockages I work with and I keep in mind that Chunyi Lin tells us to reinforce and keep the experience positive to not bring up any fears. Something kept tugging at me to share the blockages that I detected with her. I said, I don't know if you are working around toxins, chemicals or smokers, but just be aware of what you're breathing because dense blockages were detected in your lungs . Intuitively I let her know that I felt as though I was working on her father. She then told me that her father was dying of emphysema and lung cancer complicated with pneumonia. Her father lived 7 hours away and she was on her way to be with him because he wasn't expected to survive the night. She felt that she needed to balance her system before she left town.

Practice Principles and Methods

Q Can we smoke cigarettes or drink during cultivation What if we have to drink due to the nature of our work A This is how I view this subject. Our Qigong of the Buddha School prohibits drinking. After a while without drinking, you may want to drink again. Quit gradually, but do not take too long otherwise you will be punished. As to smoking, I think it is an issue of willpower. As long as you want to quit, you can. Ordinary people often think, I will quit smoking today. Several days later, they cannot adhere to it. Then, after a couple of days, they pick up this thought again and try to quit one more time. This way, they have never been able to quit smoking. Ordinary people live in this world, and having social dealings when in contact with others is unavoidable. But, having already started cultivating, you should no longer consider yourself an ordinary person. As long as you have the will, you will achieve your goal. Of course, some of my students still smoke cigarettes. He can quit...

Rate Of Vibration Of The Bioplasmic Body

People who are heavy smokers have a coarser bioplasmic body. The bioplasmic body of a heavy smoker is filled with dirty brown spots. This brownish material partially clogs the nadis or meridians, and negatively affects the health of the smoker. The brown spots are located not only on the lungs but on other parts of the bioplasmic body, causing not only lung ailments but also other types of ailments. When a healer with a more refined bioplasmic body is contaminated by a heavy smoker, the healer would feel stickiness, heaviness and pain on the area being touched. It is very important that the healer be a nonsmoker or should give up smoking because instead of the patient becoming better, the patient might become worse, especially if the part being treated is quite delicate. To fully appreciate this, ask a heavy smoker to energize your arm and observe what happens. I am not making any moral judgment on smokers. I am just pointing out that smoking has negative effects on the body. And that...

Tribute to Wang Hao Da

Master Wang Hao

Sadly, our world is a little poorer, with the passing of Wang Hao Da on 24 May 2002. His remarkable life was cut too soon short at 78, by lung cancer, in Shanghai. The sacrifices and commitment he made to his art produced an outstanding martial artist. Those of us privileged to study with him in North America, Europe, and China were able to witness his outstanding abilities, but it was his unique character that truly captured us time and again.

Changing the Taste of Food with the Qi Ball

Now you may want to try convincing others of the reality of qi. You can show them how the taste of food changes, for a demonstration of the use of qi at a physical level. When you make a qi ball in keeping with the principles of the Microcosmic Orbit method, you can change the taste of whiskey, wine, cigarettes, or anything that has a strong aroma or flavor.


T'ai chi and therapeutic movement helps, of course, and many masters of such arts have lived long lives while being able to abuse their bodies with junk food, alcohol and cigarettes. However, these people would probably have lived much longer had they also practised good eating and living habits.


Shaolin Eye Qigong

Why do some people live longer than others There are of course a large number of factors involved in deciding the answer to such a question. For instance it is obvious that smoking can seriously affect how long you live as can being run over by a bus. However, this kind of information only goes so far in describing why some people live longer than others. It tells us that people who don't deliberately damage their health tend to live longer than those who do, and people who are careful can prohably avoid many

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