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Hyperbolic Stretching

The hyperbolic stretching technique is the single one and only way to tap into your deep muscular power. You won't need any training with this, it will take you a few weeks to get from sitting on the chair twelve hours per day to doing full splits with no warm up. The stretching technique by Alex has been found to be an ancient technique that has been used in the past as it increases the muscle capacity, decreases the risk of getting injured and even increases your range of motion. With the hyperbolic stretching method, you will have acceleration, speed, and agility any time of the day. Furthermore, it has been tested against other methods and it always comes on top because it will increase your pelvic floor muscle strength as well as your jumping ability. It's going to teach you about how you can avoid the worst mistakes to do when stretching and help you supercharge your training so that you can have the fastest improvements. The great thing about the hyperbolic stretching method is that it is a complete beginner program that does not need any prior experience, you will be able to get all the information to download the product instantly once you make a successful payment. More here...

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The author has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

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Athletic Stretching

Stretching is not taken seriously by many and chances are you are one of them. If so, then here's a little shout out: Stretching is termed to be better and more rewarding than any form of exercise there is out there. In fact, stretching is one of the exercises meant to relieve greater tensions in your muscles and thus the pains originating because of them. That is something the researchers quote and Athletic Stretching Vol. 1 follows. the product relates to stretching exercises. It definitely relates to that. In a beautifully laid and fully colorful ebook, Athletic Stretching Vol. 1 takes you through every nook and corner of understanding where and how pain originates? What do your posture and flexibility have to do with it? How its intensity increases over time if you don't do something about it? How does breathing techniques amplify the results of stretching and how training it can render great mental benefits as well? The ebook is accompanied by a video series that shows you all the mobility exercises tailored to any kind of muscle pain you're going through. All of the exercises taught in the video series take only 10 minutes a day.

Athletic Stretching Summary

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Flexibility Exploration

Paradoxically, many people associate stretching with greater flexibility. There are various popular methods and programs promising improvement of flexibility through stretching. First of all, when exploring your flexibility, bear in mind that Qi Dao does not teach you to stretch your muscles or other tissues. When temporarily stretched, the muscles will act almost like rubber bands, tightening up as soon as they are allowed to. This is called stretch reflex. It challenges many athletes, martial artists and Yoga enthusiasts puzzled by the inadequate results of their stretching exercises despite their formidable efforts to improve flexibility. Instead of stretching, Qi Dao suggests lengthening your muscles. Literally opposite to the way stretching works, lengthening involves shortening the muscle and making it tired of being short before allowing it to lengthen thereby expanding the range of motion and flexibility.

Chronic Debilitating Pain

I spent at least six months in physical therapy, which gave me a sense of reduced pain, lasting, if I was lucky, about thirty minutes after each session. I was given a bottle of something that I could literally freeze my neck with to numb the pain as I did stretching exercises. Unfortunately, my headache continued.


Now place your right fingers beneath the left fingers, and press the left hand backward, as if trying to touch the back of your left forearm. Press only enough to get a good stretch there should be no pain encountered when you perform this movement. Hold for five seconds, and then release. Repeat five times.

Advanced level

Be sure to keep both feet flat on the floor throughout. This is essential to help draw the energy of the earth in through your feet as you do this exercise. Many of the vital energy meridians in your body stretch to your feet or have their origins there and it is essential to keep the contact from the soles of your feet and the ends of your toes right up through your back, neck, palms, and fingers.

Door Hanging

Lying Positions Zhan Zhuang

If the shoulders are strained in this position, hold the towel lower to decrease the shoulder stretch. If necessary the elbows may be only shoulder height or even lower. If a towel is not long enough for this, use a thick rope. Gradually you will be able to hold the towel higher as your shoulder joints become more flexible. The first position of backbend exercise will help limber your shoulder joints.

Shen Spirit

Shen means spirit and it also means great, marvelous, or elegant. Shen represents the spiritual energy of the Heart. In oracle bone style writing, Shen is the pattern of lightning. Breaking the darkness with thunder, a pattern of lightning, was considered an omen from Heaven in ancient Chinese shamanism. The ancient Wu understood the Universal Way through observing and studying the patterns in nature. The ancient Wu used Shen as a symbol for spirit, divinity, deity, infinite, omniscience, and Enlightenment. Shen also means stretch because natural lightning stretches between Heaven and Earth. In spiritual cultivation, we use many physical stretching techniques to open our spiritual gates to connect with our own spirits and with high-level spiritual energy. The shaman sees that each part of the body has its own spirit residing in each physical part. In spiritual cultivation, the important processing step is to call the spiritual body back to the physical body. This is the reuniting of...

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