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Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Hew Len share their experiences in the book Law of Attraction. Dr. Vitale is an experienced teacher, a highly accomplished author, and an enthusiastic life coach. He has years of experience in assisting people with his Law of Attractions initiatives to develop the personal lives and the businesses they have always wanted. His unique and ingenious methods have given him widespread fame, and he usually addresses large audiences on essential aspects of his work; his bestseller is the book Top Secret' and up to date, he is the among the world's leading experts on the Law of Attraction. Steve Jones has more than 20 years of experience working as a certified clinical hypnotist both in teaching students and handling clients. His former clients include several celebrities movies stars and directors. Currently, he is a member of several organizations like the National Board of certified clinical hypnotists, and the National Guild of Hypnotists to mention a few. He is also the founder of the American Alliance of Hypnotists. The publication is suitable even when you are a beginner especially with no previous success in harnessing the Law of Attraction; the book also suits those who are not interested in using what they learn to teach others. Read more here...

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The Balloon Fills with Water

Until now you have been using your mind to help your muscles and nervous system relax while placing your muscles under increasing stress. This exercise takes you in a new direction it helps to focus the combined energy of your mind and body. PREPARATION STAGE Adopt the second position -Holding the Balloon (see p. 35). After you have worked through the basic breathing and relaxing exercises to ensure that your system is calm and centred (see pp. 44-47), apply your mind in a different way. volume of water, but do not move a muscle. If you start to tense up, use your mind to tell vour muscles to relax. When the balloon is full, continue standing silently, gently keeping the balloon in place. You will certainly feel the difference created by this mental exercise. Check for any tension in vour muscles.

Breaking the Spell of Limitations

What initially may have seemed like harsh words was, in effect, more of an incantation a means to break the spell of misery and grief. Reflecting on the episode, I realized that in the tradition of myths, fables, and fairy tales, the hero often has a spell cast on him (typically, by some witch). It usually takes a magical feat by the hero to break the spell. Remember, it's not the hero's role to stay stuck in a situation for long because there is a task to accomplish, followed by a homecoming. Fairy tales aside, given the power of the mind, the idea of spells is rather intriguing. Once again, as the saying goes, if your mind got you into this mess, use your mind to get you out of it. The message is that if we can place a spell over ourselves, then, likewise, we have the power to break it. If we cannot break it ourselves, then we can call for divine assistance, as the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill W., discovered, by calling on his Higher Power.

Chi Kung Training Theory

Before you start training, you must first understand that all of the training originates in your mind. You must have a clear idea of what you are doing, and your mind must be calm, centered, and balanced. This also implies that your feeling, sensing, and judgement must be objective and accurate. This requires emotional balance and a clear mind. This takes a lot of hard work, but once you have reached this level you will have built the root of your physical training, and your Yi (mind) will be able to lead your Chi throughout your physical body.

Gather the Wave of Smiling Chi in your Body

Let the wave enter deep inside your body. Feel your inner heart and inner family of body intelligences are open to receive this flowing, smiling wave from the larger chi field. We fill up on this chi, and allow it to concentrate itself into our lower dantian, in our inner ocean. Gather it into a glowing golden chi ball. Smile and rest your mind in this lower energy center, the source of power behind your instinctual belly brain.

Holding a circle sitting on a chair

SIT forwards on the edge of a chair letting the air pass across your back. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground. Keep the knees and toes vertically in line as this helps the circulation in the legs. With your back straight, relax your shoulders, close your eyes and your mouth (keep the tip of your tongue touching between the upper palate and the root of the teeth -if you close your mouth, everything should be in the correct position). Hold your hands in front of the Dantien, left hand on top for men and right hand on top for women (this is because the Qi flows differently for men and women), with the thumbs touching as if you were holding a small ball. Totally relax your body and choose one of the concentration methods. Then bring your mind to your Dantien and finally forget everything. (This exercise can also be done sitting in the lotus position.)

Smile to Sun and Stars

Finally, let's smile out even further, to the sun and the other stars beyond it. Our human mind is an integral part of their chi field. Wherever you shift your attention, your mind is already there, because your mind is everywhere the chi field is. We are using the sun and stars just to navigate a gradual sense of expansion out into the infinite chi field. Let yourself expand out just as far as you feel comfortable right now.

Mountains and Molehills

Despite the abundance of people claiming victimization, enough brave souls have learned to dismantle, circumnavigate, or climb over these obstacles and move on with their lives to show the rest of us that it can be done gracefully. We all have the same potential. If you were to ask people who overcame their stressors about their secret of success, you might hear this sage advice if your mind got you into this mess, use your mind to get you out of it. These people refuse to see themselves as victims of their situation, and while they would not necessarily call themselves heroes, others surely do.

Healing and the Development of the Mind

The theory and practice of the Macrocosmic Orbit method are the main theme of this book. My primary aim in writing this is to let you know that your mind can go above the physical level, reach the qi level, develop further to the level of soul, and finally go even beyond namely, to the point of oneness with the universe (Figure 10-1).

Repeated from pages and pages

There are many color combinations that can be applied to the various parts of the body. When you start practice, stick to the basic 'blue, green, white, violet and blue' formula. When you are working on a specific area, you can keep this book near by, or write a short 'color recipe' before you begin. In this way, you will be able to relax your mind.

Other Popular Wai Dan Exercises

Wai Dan Huiyin Point

Stand naturally, with your feet parallel and shoulder width apart, and your hands at your sides. Close your eyes, calm your mind, and breathe regularly. Open your eyes and look forward, and continue breathing naturally and smoothly. Condense your Shen (spirit) in your third eye (located in the center of your forehead), and sink your Qi to the Dan Tian. Then interlock your fingers and raise your hands above your head without bending your arms, and at the same time lift your heels. This is called Double Hands Hold up the Heavens (Shuang Shou Tuo Tian, i-Ht*). Drop your heels, and tilt your body to the left and then to the right, and then stand During all three parts, when you exhale and turn your head, use your mind to lead the Qi from the Dan Tian, approximately an inch and a half below your Piece 5 (Figures 2-77 to 2-80). Take one step to the right with your right leg and squat down. Place your hands on top of your knees, with the thumbs on the outside...

Focusing to activate specific energy centers

Change the focus of your mind to the heart center located in the middle of the chest. This is our center of love and compassion. Imagine that you are inhaling purified energy into the heart center. Exhale, cleansing the heart and surrounding yourself with the feeling of compassion. Do this for 8 to 36 breaths. 4. Change the focus of your mind to the 3rd eye center located between the eyebrows in the middle of the forehead. This is our center of higher consciousness. Imagine that you are inhaling clear and focused energy into the 3rd eye center. Exhale, cleansing the mind and connecting with the consciousness of the Universe. Do this for 8 to 36 breaths. 5. Now bring the focus of your mind back to the lower dan tien, below the navel. Imagine a warm flow of energy filling this center. As you both inhale and exhale, imagine a channel of energy extending upwards from the dan tien to the heart center, and 6. Change the focus of your mind to the palms of your hands. Imagine breathing into...

Big Python Softens Its Body Dah Maang Roan Shenn

Shoulder Circling Exercise

After you have regulated your breathing and mind, start moving your body around slowly. The motion starts at your feet, and flows upward in a wave through your legs, body, chest, shoulder, arms, and finally reaches your fingertips (Figure 3-56). The movement feels sort of like a large snake moving around inside your body. The movement is comfortable and natural, and there is no stagnation or holding back. Do the movement for about one to two minutes, until you feel that your body is soft and comfortable from deep inside the internal organs to your limbs. After you have finished, hold your hands in front of your waist with the palms facing down (Figure 3-57). Continue to keep your mind calm, and breathe smoothly. 3. The Chi is Sunk to the Dan Tien (Chi Chern Dan Tien) fcSjyjffl In this third exercise you are using your mind to lead the Chi to

Jade Ladder Climbing to the

Ladder Climb Stretch

Some people find that standing on one leg is not easy. If this is the case, you might be more susceptible to high blood pressure and strokes. When you stand on one leg, you need to relax your mind. If your mind is under stress, it will not have enough energy to function clearly and you will find it hard to concentrate and think. Standing on one leg is not about how strong your muscles are, it is about the balance of Qi in your brain. Just because someone has big muscles, it does not necessarily mean that they can stand on one leg for a long time.

Regulating the Breath

Breathing is affected by your emotions. For example, when you are angry, you exhale more strongly than you inhale. When you are sad, you inhale more strongly than you exhale. When your mind is peaceful and calm, your inhalation and exhalation are relatively equal. In order to keep your breathing calm, peaceful, and steady, your mind and emotions must first be calm and neutral. Therefore, in order to regulate your breathing, you must first regulate your mind. The other side of the coin is that you can use your breathing to control your Yi. When your breathing is uniform, it is as if you were hypnotizing your Yi, which helps to calm it. From this, you can see that Yi and breathing are interdependent, and that they cooperate with each other. Deep and calm breathing relaxes you and keeps your mind clear. It fills your lungs with plenty of air, so that your brain and entire body have an adequate supply of oxygen. In addition, deep and complete breathing enables the diaphragm to move up and...

Qigong Training Theory

Before you start training, you must first understand that all of the training originates in your mind. You must have a clear idea of what you are doing, and your mind must be calm, centered, and balanced. This also implies that your feeling, sensing, and judgment must be objective and accurate. This requires emotional balance and a clear mind. This takes a lot of hard work, but once you have reached this level, you will have built the root of your physical training, and your Yi will be able to lead your Qi throughout your physical body. that the relaxation of your body originates with your Yi. Therefore, before you can relax your body, you must first relax or regulate your mind (Yi). This is called Shen Xin Ping Heng ), which means Body and heart (mind) balanced. The The final stage is the relaxation which reaches the internal organs and the bone marrow. Remember, only if you can relax deep into your body will your mind be able to lead the Qi there. Only at this stage will the Qi be...

Review Major Points of Microcosmic Orbit

In the latter case you are advised to concentrate, instead, on the soles of your feet. If you have heart burn or an extended chest, you should concentrate on the Ming-men, the point in back, opposite your navel. If you have low blood pressure, bring your index finger to the area between your eyebrows and bear down on it, maintaining the pressure for a few moments, so that when you've taken your finger away, the residual sensation helps in keeping your mind on the selected point.

High Pat On Horse Left Leg Kicks To The Right Side High Pat On Horse Right Leg Kicks To The Left Side Turn Body And

Each movement should flow into the next movement. The body is engaged in a continuous process of change until the end of the exercise is reached. At all times, the mind must flow without any obstruction. When you are performing Tai Chi Ch'uan do not think of anything else. Your mind must be focused on the performance of the exercise.

Wai Dan Standing Still Meditation

Over the years, various Tai Chi and Chi Kung masters have created many postures for standing still meditation. Generally speaking, they are safer to practice than the Small Circulation exercises because they build up the Chi locally in parts of the body, rather than directly in the Chi vessels. The ultimate goal of this training is to combine the Chi built up by this Wai Dan practice with the Chi built up in the Dan Tien through the Nei Dan practice. Advanced Tai Chi martial artists will do this during their standing meditation. However, as a beginner you should just do the Wai Dan training, keeping your mind calm and letting the Chi build up naturally through the postures.

Regulating the Body Tiao Shen

To provide the best conditions for self-internal-feeling. When your physical body is regulated correctly, your feeling can reach to a deep and profound level. Your judgment will be more accurate. The efficiency of your mind-body communication will increase to a high level. It is through this profound feeling that your mind is able to lead the Qi to circulate effectively in the body.

Bone Breathing and Marrow Washing

Bone Marrow Nei Kung

You can do this practice in the sitting position or in the Embracing the Tree posture (or any other Iron Shirt Chi Kung posture). You will use your mind and eye power to breathe in a short breath and at the same time feel suction. Suck the Chi of the atmosphere into your hands, eventually expand to the universe and breathe in a few more times. Use a combination of 'mind eyes heart' power (Yi), to suck the Chi from the atmosphere into your hands, while taking small sips of breath. Once you can clearly feel the increase of Chi 'pressure' in your hands, you extend the feeling throughout your arms. The whole skin surface of the arms breathes in the Chi, feeling the skin holding this pressure. 1. Men place the left palm on the top of the head, and cover it with the right palm. Be aware of your 'Personal Star' (star that appears in your mind's eye and is located above your crown), above. Slightly press the palms and spiral in the clockwise direction, spiralling from the front to the right...

Still Meditation includes a The Stillness of the Body Yin and b The Activity of the Yi and Chi Yang

When your mind is on defending or on storing Jing for an attack, it will lead the Chi inward, the body will feel cold, and the Chi of the body will condense into the marrow. This mind is therefore classified as Yin. This condensing process is usually coordinated with inhalation in the reverse abdominal breathing, and this inhalation is also classified as Yin. However, when your mind is on an attack, it will lead Chi to the surface of the skin and to the limbs to energize the muscles to a higher level of efficiency. When this happens, the body feels warm and the energy of the body feels like it is expanding. Therefore, it is classified as Yang. Normally, this offensive process is coordinated with exhalation in the reverse abdominal breathing, which is also classified as Yang.

Begin the Orbit Open the Front Channel the Functional

Pain How Feel

To awaken the energy in the individual points use your inner vision. Direct your vision inwardly to the point you wish to activate, and concentrate your mind on that point in your body. Do not create a visual image of the energy point in your mind. Rather bring your mind down from your head and put it in your body, e.g. your navel. The energy, or chi flow that eventually results will be experienced differently by people depending on physical, emotional, and psychological conditions. Genetic make-up, past history, diet, imme Many people experience soreness or pain when they practice, a sign that they are becoming sensitive to their formerly numbed body parts in the same way that we feel pain when our leg starts to come back to life after falling asleep. However you experience the energy is fine. Do not ignore the messages and sensations your body sends if anything, listen more attentively and experience your body more fully. These messages are valuable signals that you are coming in...

Shank contractionrelaxation method

Let's take an example Healing post (same as Figure 3-21). Chest slightly withdrawn and hands expanding embracing, hold your posture without moving. Now use your mind to control and order consciously muscles of front and back shank to contract just once and after relax, after resting, contract again once with power and relax again. You can after repeat alternate between contraction and relaxation. a) Single shank contraction and relaxation method Single shank contraction and relaxation method requests you to use your mind during post standing, i.e. use your cerebral functions to command one of your shanks to contract and relax. First let Left shank is resting, Right shank proceeds to 10-20 cycles of contraction relaxation and after pause, proceed again to any series of 10-20 cycles. When you feel with Right shank muscles, this time with contract relax with Left shank

Prepare to Circulate the Chi Energy

Tongue Position Tai Chi

The key to Chi circulation is deep relaxation in order to circulate the warm current you must be calm within yourself. If you are distracted by the television, passing cars, or your unmade bed, your mind will turn outwards and you will be unable to focus on your energy. As you progress you will learn to ignore the distractions and will be able to meditate anywhere, but in the beginning choose a quiet spot and a special time. The more comfortable the atmosphere the more easily you can concentrate. Don't struggle. Don't try to force wandering thoughts out of your mind. Simply release your thoughts, watching as they depart. Imagine them as clouds dispersed by the wind. When they are gone the sun will shine through brightly. Detach yourself, be a spectator to the thinking process not a participant. Gradually you will learn to concentrate and direct the healing energy of the Tao.

Second Brain Chi Kung Tan Tien Chi Kung and the Power of the Inner Smile

By smiling into the heart of our own being and into our whole body, we affirm the basic intrinsic goodness of existence and our gratitude for being alive. By smiling inwardly we create the ground for self-esteem which in turn is the root of our own sense of dignity, and is essential for self-empowerment.

Further indications concerning Zhan zhuang

The therapeutical effects of post standing come mainly from the characteristics of the posture itself and your aptitude to maintain it. During this exercise you will progressively taste all different changes happening in your internal body. If you have difficulties to calm your mind you can for example count your breath cycles, a complete cycle including inhale exhale. But in any case avoid from holding your breath or accelerate prolong consciously your breath rate. Let your body install by itself breath rate instead of trying to control it.

Tian Mu The Third

A The Buddha School's emptiness and the Tao School's nothingness are unique to their own cultivation methods. Of course we are required to reach that level too. We talk about cultivating intentionally and acquiring Gong unintentionally. Cultivating Xinxing (mind-nature) and getting rid of attachments also result in emptiness and nothingness, but we don't emphasize heavily on that. Because you live in the material world, you need to make a living and work. You have to do things. Doing things inevitably brings the issue of goodness or badness. What do we do What we cultivate is Xinxing, which is the most prominent feature of our method. As long as your mind is righteous and the things you do meet our requirements, there will be no problem with your Xinxing.

Massage and Exercises after Meditation

Taoist Massage Beat The Heavenly Drum

After meditation or Qi transport training, you should massage yourself and do some loosening up exercises. The main purpose of massage is to loosen and relax the muscles on the Qi pathways. This can help you to clear your mind, and can also help to eliminate any Qi residue that might remain in certain cavities. This residue of stagnant Qi, if left in the cavities, can affect normal Qi circulation and cause muscle and cavity pain. If a partner is available, it is best to massage each other, because it is easier to relax that way. Furthermore, a partner can massage the pathways on your back, which is difficult to do by yourself. the meditative state, and it helps to flush away any Qi accumulated in the head during meditation. Ming Tian Gu can also be used in everyday life. After a long period of concentration, it helps to clear your mind, the same as after meditation. The Daoists found that tapping the head not only clears and calms the mind, but also improves memory and judgment. This...

Regulating the Chi Tyau

Before you can regulate your Chi you must first regulate your body, breath, and mind. If you compare your body to a battlefield, then your mind is like the general who generates ideas and controls the situation, and your breathing is the strategy. Your Chi is like the soldiers who are led to the most advantageous places on the battlefield. All

Preventing Flu and Cold Massage

Ma smiled, It's amazing how something we think is so simple can be so complicated at first. Chan nodded, Yes, you're right, he replied. Just more practise. Ma grinned, You sound like Sifu. Chan nodded again and smiled. Do you think that is all there is to it though asked Ma. What do you mean asked Chan. Well, just practising and doing something again and again. Chan looked at Ma, What's on your mind he asked him.

Mind Eyes Heart and Intention YI

The basic teachings are all in the Microcosmic Orbit, the Cosmic Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds. As long as you are alive and healthy, you are able to draw in energy from the universe and nature. The stronger the battery, the better it is able to store this energy. If you're weak and sick, you have no way to draw any energy from nature or the universe. When the cells stop drawing in energy, life ends. If you have perfected these practices, you have all the personal physical, mental and spiritual power that you need. Everything comes together. Your mind is aware of the original force. From the knowledge of Oneness, you are inwardly aware of your mind, senses and heart you are outwardly aware of the universal energy. Now you are capable of receiving the abundantly available healing power of the universe you can tune into everything, inwardly and outwardly in all directions. This is what we are here for to heal and become whole again. We have higher goals to reach. The foundation...

Sitting Eight Section Brocade

The verb image used here means to mentally create something that you treat as if it were real. If you image pushing something heavy, you have to adjust your posture exactly as if you were in fact pushing something heavy. You must feel its weight, the resistance as you exert force against it, and the force and counter force in your legs. If you mentally treat your actions as real, your body will too, and the Qi will automatically move appropriately for those actions. If you only pretend or imagine that you are pushing some thing heavy, your mind and body will not treat your actions as real, and the Qi will not move strongly or clearly.

Moon on the Chest Hwai Jong Baw Yeuh cp

Pranic Body Positions

To hold up the heaven, stand with your feet shoulder distance apart, and your arms slightly bent with the palms facing downward (Figure 3-43). Stand still, regulate your mind until it is calm and concentrated, and regulate your breathing until it is natural and smooth. Then, while inhaling, turn your hands to face each other (Figure 3-44) and lift them to shoulder height (Figure 3-45). Then, while exhaling, turn your hands palm downward (Figure 3-46) and lower your body with your palms pressing downward until both of your thighs are horizontal (Figure 3-47). Next, while inhaling, move your arms upward in front of you until the palms are facing the heavens (Figure 3-48). As you raise your hands, follow them with your eyes until you are looking upward. Finally, as you exhale raise your body slightly into the Horse Stance (Figure 3-49). As you stand in this position, breathe regularly and keep your body as relaxed as possible. the entire sky. Keeping this idea in your mind will lead Chi...

How come Zhan zhuang ZZ has curative effects

In the following step, he can apply mental and posture lightness in his ZZ training. Here in post standing, body is actively teaming up with mental focus your mind, get rid of random thoughts, monitor your internal body and soon will appear varieties of changes and reactions within it such as tingling, swelling or pains, then they may also continue to grow up until he reaches the sensation of well being. Again the more these sensations are obvious the better it will assure

Endorphins and Qigong

In Standing Zen, at first, you notice that your mind is very clear. Since your whole body is relaxed, you feel as if there is an axis running straight through your body. The feeling is something like a top that is standing straight while turning at high speed, or like becoming pure consciousness and no longer feeling your physical body. There then comes a moment when you suddenly get a new idea, or come up with an answer you have been seeking.

Cultivating Xinxing mindnature

A One righteous mind will suppress a hundred evils. You received the Dafa today. From now on, even if the Futi brings you benefits, you should not accept it. When it brings you money, fame and personal gain, you feel very happy inside your heart, thinking See how capable I am, and you show off in front of people. When you do feel uncomfortable, you don't want to live with it and look for master to treat you. Then, how did you behave when it kept giving you good things We cannot take care of it for you because you have accepted all the benefits it has brought you. It is not acceptable if all you want to have is the benefit. Only when you don't want it, even the good things it brings, and continue to cultivate according to the method taught by master, and when you have become righteous and your mind is firm, will it then become fearful. If you further reject it when it tries to give you some benefits, then it is time for it to leave. If it stays on, it will be committing a wrong deed....

Martial Chi Kung for Fighting

In the last fifty years, some of the Tai Chi Chi Kung or Tai Chi Chuan practitioners have developed training which is mainly for health, and is called Wu Chi Chi Kung, which means no extremities Chi Kung. Wu Chi is the state of neutrality which precedes Tai Chi, which is the state of complimentary opposites. When there are thoughts and feelings in your mind, there is Yin and Yang, but if you can still your mind you can return to the emptiness of Wu Chi. When you achieve this state your mind is centered and clear and your body relaxed, and your Chi is able to flow naturally and smoothly and reach the proper balance by itself. Wu Chi Chi Kung has become very popular in many parts of China, especially Shanghai and Canton. When the Chi in the eight reservoirs is full and strong, the Chi in the rivers is strong and will be regulated efficiently. When there is stagnation in any of these twelve channels or rivers, the Chi which flows to the body's extremities and to the internal organs will...

Movement and stillness

Qigong can help you live longer by making you healthier. If you are ill, it can give you strength to fight the problem, just as a friend can help you when you are in trouble it can help make you well, so you can have a better and happier life. Meditation will calm your mind and make you relaxed. It will allow the Qi to settle and be stored in the Dantian so that you will be stronger and have more positive energy.

Moving Tai Chi Chi Kung

Reversed Abdominal Breathing

After you have completed your warm-up Chi Kung, stand still and close your eyes (Figure 3-55). First pay attention to your third eye (Upper Dan Tien), and bring all of your thoughts from outside of your body to the inside. When your mind is calm and concentrated, bring your attention to your breathing. If you are doing only relaxation Chi

Practice Principles and Methods

A On this issue, you should think and decide for yourself. Taking medication during cultivation implies that you do not believe in the disease-curing effects of cultivation. If you believed in it, why would you take medication However, if you do not hold yourself up to the standards of Xinxing, once problems arise, you will say that you have been told by Li Hongzhi not to take medication. However, Li Hongzhi has also asked you to strictly hold yourself to high standards of Xinxing. Have you done it The things that exist in the body of true cultivators are not those of ordinary people. All of the illnesses that ordinary people get are not allowed to occur in your body. If your mind is in the right place and believes that cultivation can cure illnesses, if you stop your medication, do not worry about it and do not get treatments, someone will naturally cure it for you. All of you are getting better and feeling better everyday. Why is that My Fashen (law body) have been busy coming in...

Cosmic Chi Kung Simple Combined Sequence Opening Movements

Slowly draw the elbows back and lower the hands until your palms are facing down beside the eye of the hip (the iliac crest) with the eye of the hand (Large Intestine 4) aligned with the eye of the hip . Use your mind intention to beam the energy back and forth between your two LI-4 points. This will activate the large and small intestines.

Clear and Pure Mind

Some people can't achieve tranquility when they do qigong exercises, and so they search for a method. Some have asked me Master, why can't I become tranquil when I perform qigong exercises Can you teach me a method or technique so that I can become tranquil when I sit in meditation I ask, how can you become tranquil You still couldn't become tranquil even if a deity were to come teach you a method. Why The reason is that your own mind isn't clear and pure. Because you live amid this society, things such as various emotions and desires, self-interest, personal matters, and even the affairs of your friends and family come to occupy your mind too much and assume a high priority. How could you become tranquil when seated in meditation Even if you intentionally suppress them, they will still surface by themselves. approach, but a type of ability. You can try chanting if you don't believe it. I can promise you that other things will arise in your mind when you use your mouth to chant a...

Functional mechanisms in Zhang zhuang

Zhan Zhuang

But 10 to 20 minutes of Zhang zhuang may bring up some random thoughts, this is called Manifestation of Random thoughts Phase. To prevent from random thoughts to interfere with your ZZ practice, it is important to install in your mind the suitable and conscious mental activity. You can remind magnificent sceneries or you can monitor your breathing, you can imagine yourself stepping in a river, holding a ball or relaxing a muscle, etc. Especially in the beginning to help you in these monotonous exercises (ZZ), you may hang a landscape picture on the wall, enjoy an art work such as a fishbowl, a bonsai, some flowers or grass something nice and positive or listening radio such as classical music, watching opera, theater, etc. Increase slightly the quality of excitation signal then you can shift back your attention which is better than just remind some pleasant memories and purely imagine the positive results, all these complementary ways are good to focus your mind, get rid of random...

Does Rhythmic Breathing or Chanting help to circulate the Microcosmic Orbit

There are countless methods of breathing and they all make it very hard to feel the warm currents . If you can concentrate on the point assigned to you and do not pay attention to the breath. If you can put everything out of your mind and just concentrate on that point, the power will flow freely. When you concentrate, you casually watch the point. There is no straining, no great act of will power, but just passive watching. In this situation of just watching you will feel very calm. So don't pay any attention to the breathing, just watch the energy center.

The Microcosmic Orbit The Small Heaven Meditation

Microcosmic Orbit

As you breathe out, use your mind to send your energy down the front mid-line of your abdomen to your sexual point. For women this point is approximately 2 inches 5 cm below the navel, or 3 fingers width. For men the sexual point is at the top of the pubic bone. Hold your energy there with your mind. Breathe in and out at this point for three or more times. Notice how this feels. As you breathe out, use your mind to send your energy to your perineum - the area of soft tissue between your inside thighs at the top of your legs, and between your genitals and anus. Hold your energy there. Breathe in and out at your perineum for three or more times. Notice how this feels. Next, use your mind to direct your attention and energy up your back to the base of your sacrum, to the point where the sacrum meets your tail-bone coccyx. Hold your attention there. Breathe in and out at this point three or more times. Notice how this feels. Now, send your attention and energy to the point in the center...

Cleansing The Emotions

Qigong Exercise For Paranoia

Once in the navel they are broken-down by a process comparable to turning on a vortex, like turning on a high-speed blender or washing machine inside your Ba Gua, moving in every direction. You do this by just using your mind and deciding to do so. Remember, your mind leads your Qi. You are in control. In order to safely bring your negative emotions to your navel you have to first bring each one to what is called a Collection Point. Collection Points are like empty cups. You form them with your mind, use them to contain your negative emotions, and once they have been used you make them disappear - simply by turning them off. There is nothing left, and no residue. These are located at particular places on the surface of your body. Locate each of these Collection Points, just with your mind, by focusing and holding your attention there and breathing in and out slowly for six breaths or more. Or locate them by touching them lightly, then register their position with your mind. Holding 90...

Hot Shower a Cold Shower

COLD SHOWER This is where the extraordinary power of your mind comes in to play again. Imagine that you are standing motionless under a torrent of rushing cold water. It beats on you, pouring over every inch of your flesh. All your sensations are suddenly transformed by the rush of this cold shower. Stand in it, stay low, and try to hold this position for several minutes.

Activating the Six Directions and the Three Fires

Raise Your Arms Armpits

The Six Directions teaches you how to expand your mind and Chi for receiving healing power. By practicing the Six Directions daily you will increase your healing and cosmic power. Turn your mind and Chi into the cosmos, multiply them and draw them back. 1. Stand, feet together. Put you hands down, parallel to the ground. Expand your hands very far away and your mind very far away smiling into the ground. Continue expanding your hands, feet and your mind very far away beyond the earth below. Go down through the galaxy, way beyond to the primordial force. It's just like you are extending all the way to the primordial force before 30 million years ago. Be aware of the back of the Tan Tien, the Door of Life and the back or rear direction. Extend your mind very far away to the 'back'. Scoop up the fire and light up your 'Kidney Fire'. Be aware of the back of the Tan Tien, the Door of Life and the back or rear direction. Extend your mind very far away to the 'back'. Scoop up the fire and...

Imagination activity

Far hearing activity combined with ZZ listening to a distant sound, you are using the reflexive effects from your auditive system nerve to induce deeper mental concentration. The ancients described it as concentrate your mind in hearing tiny raining . You can use radio, TV, tape recorder, etc. listening music (classical, traditional opera.), novel or documentary. while exercising ZZ. This will help you to reduce significantly feeling of endless time, eliminate restless emotions and inducing better mental concentration.

Robin Rubenstein Qigong

Your daily practice gradually enables your Chi to flow smoothly through your system. It opens your mind and heart and develops your sensitivity. You begin to be more intuitive and perceptive. You experience higher levels of energy, and are less nervous in the midst of swirling movement and emotion. both heaven and earth With a broad mind, you have all the universe in your mind.

Channeling the Earth Force Washing the Bone Marrow

Qigong Breathing Power

Be aware of your Tan Tien and expand your mind down past the earth to connect with the galaxy below you. Multiply and bring your mind back to the Tan Tien. Gradually feel the Chi being absorbed through the whole body and absorb it into the bones and body like a rising steam or mist. Feel the earth force move through the center of the bones and enter the bone marrow move up the calves and thighs (femur bones) through the hip bones, spine, scapula, arms, neck and skull. Finally swirl the energy around your brain. 'Focus at Tan Tien and Universe'. Slowly draw the elbows back and lower the hands until your palms are facing down beside the eye of the hip (the iliac crest) with the eye of the hand (Large Intestine 4) aligned with the eye of the hip. Be aware of the Tan Tien (Yi, the abdominal brain) and expand your mind out into space, the Cosmos and the universe. Remember The fingers and the energy point act just like a laser to help guide the universal force flow as soon as you focus on...

Holding the Balloon in Front of your Face the fifth position

Even after you have practised holding the first four Zhan Zhuang positions for some time, gradually increasing the duration as described, you will probably find this position extremely difficult to sustain. Many of your muscles will be almost certain to tense up and you may feel as if some are about to explode. You may well sweat profusely and begin to tremble (see Chapter 3). Don't use these initial sensations as an excuse for giving up. Use your mind to tell your muscles to relax and extend your endurance beyond the point of initial muscle exhaustion. Use the imaginary balloons to reduce tension and imagine, as before, that a strap around your neck is helping you hold your wrists in position (see p. 99).

Qigong Theory and Training Categories

Energy Gates Qigong Images

When there is stagnation in any of these twelve channels or rivers, the Qi which flows to the body's extremities and to the internal organs will be abnormal, and illness may develop. You should understand that every channel has its particular Qi flow strength, and every channel is different. All of these different levels of Qi strength are affected by your mind, the weather, the time of day, the food you have eaten, and even your mood. For example, when the weather is dry the Qi in the lungs will tend to be more positive than when it is moist. When you are angry, the Qi fiow in your liver channel will be abnormal. The Qi strength in the different channels varies throughout the day in a regular cycle, and at any particular time one channel is strongest. For example, between 11 am and 1 pm the Qi flow in the heart channel is the strongest. Furthermore, the Qi level of the same organ can be different from one person to another. and tightness in the...

The Pineal Gland as a Sensor of PRANA or QI

Images Pineal Gland Midbrain

Maintain a slight distance (about 5 millimeters) between your fingertips. Concentrating your mind at t he ti ps of your t humbs, move your th umbs gently. Repeat t his m ovement with the rest of your fingers one by one, then with two fingers together, and then with three and four, and finally all the fingers. You may feel a tingling sensation in your fingertips, or you may feel as if your fingertips were connected with invisible rubber. This means that you are nearly aware of QI.

Four keys Relax Root Breathe and Focus

Relax Breath Smooth

Strength of your intention skills by the quality of the ball you build. Also as you begin opening the hand you will place the tongue on the roof of your mouth and focus on breathing. The reverse breathing (see standing meditation exercises) is preferred but if you have not mastered this skill you can also perform the exercise with the regular breathing cycle. The breath is very revealing. It is a physical manifestation of your mental state. The breath should NOT be forced, harsh, or tight in any way. Rather it should be deep, gentile, and smooth. If jerking occurs it is a manifestation of either incorrect posture or tension, or a lack of control over your energy. When you correct either of these, the jerking will stop and the vibration will be imperceptible to another person, unless they touch you. At this point simply notice the vibration realize it is a good sign indicating that you are building significant chi and that all is going well. As you progress through the exercise the...

Da Cheng Chuan Fighing Seqeunce

How You Make Circles With Your Arms

While there are said to be few, if any, martial arts systems more powerful than Da Cheng Chuan, you experience its enduring benefits as you go about your life and work. Your mind and body become exceptionally alert. Your mental and emotional faculties are refreshed. You experience greater resilience under pressure and recover more easily from illness and injury. As you practice the standing postures and movements in this book, your mind is free to roam and experience the thoughts and feelings passing through it. Keep your eyes and ear's open to whatever is happening. You can listen to music, even watch television as you practice - flowing music and non-violent channels are preferable. Remain upright, preserving your balance, and devote yourself to the inner relaxation of your being. Everything will flow from that in its own time.

Daoyin Exercise for Dredging Ren and Du Channels Jong Ren Du Daoyin Gong

Stand erect with feet close together, with hands hanging naturally at the sides and the chin tucked in as if supporting an object on the head. Keep your eyes looking straight ahead, breathe evenly, and focus your mind on the Dantian. Stand this way for a short while.

Chi Kung as Self Actualization

Eight Immortals

It has also been translated as integrity (in its original sense of being whole undivided) which is expressed in power , quality and strength . The more one grows towards realizing within oneself this unity with the Universe, the higher is one's quality of selfhood, as a microcosmic manifestation of the Macrocosmos.

Circulation Exercise Zhoutian Gong

Sit cross-legged on a bed or upright on a stool. Pull in the chest and keep the spinal column straightened. Keep your neck straight (by picturing a light object on the head) and your shoulders relaxed. Close your eyes slightly and stick the tongue against the palate. Breathe evenly and concentrate the mind. Use abdominal respiration at first and then change to reverse breathing when you become familiar with the exercise. Respiration should be adjusted so that it is fine, gentle, soft, and long. Concentrate the mind vaguely on the Dantian. The movement of the abdominal muscles should be coordinated along with the breathing, which should feel lively and at ease. After a certain period of training, you may feel a kind of warmness in the Dantian, which will increase in intensity as you practice. When enough warmth has been accumulated, a flow of the hot Qi can be felt. With your mind, follow this energy from the along the Du Channel via the acupuncture point Huiyin (Ren 1) and the coccyx,...

The Qigong Six Healing Sounds

Healing Sounds Qigong

Most Qigong exercises are done slowly to allow the mind to register the movements through out the body. Your breath should be inhaled through your nose and expand your diaphragm. Let the air and your mind go to your dantian (a point four finger widths below the navel). Do not force it, just relax and feel the breath expand this lower part of your body. Most people breathe in the top of their chest, which is a shallow breath, and not as effective as a deeper, full breath. With mindful practice, breathing to your dantian will become natural. Exhale through your mouth (this is where you will make the healing sounds). Your exhale will be longer than your inhale. Sit in chair in Rest position. Breathe normally. Focus on your kidneys and start the movement. As you inhale, place feet and legs together. Bend forward with both palms facing toward you. Your left hand clasps your right hand (your left thumb tucked in your right palm). Surround your knees with your clasped hands. At this point,...

Battle of Wits and Words

1982 Chinese Animal

Possibly the best way of approaching Chi Sau is not to differentiate between attacking and defending, just move and react, then you can defend and attack at the right time since your mind is not set on one thing. Mentally you can let go and become quite flexible and then the 'top' and 'bottom' will be there when you need them The exercises are of particular benefit to the legs, making them stronger. Then your steps and upper body will feel lighter, your waist will be more flexible, you muscles and joints will be relaxed and looser and your mind will be relaxed. The more you practise the more you will improve the circulation of blood and Qi, balance yin and yang, improve your metabolism, your appetite, lift your spirit and improve your immunity and live longer. As it says in the poem below

Personal Experiences with the Microcosmic

The microcosmic orbit is important because it teaches you how to allow the mind to direct your blood circulation. The heart is the sole mover of blood in ordinary people. Here, we do Taoist Chi Kung. This is a means of mixing energy into the blood and is achieved by mind power. When this is done, the heart doesn't have to work as hard. If your hands are cold you should now be able to direct Chi there to warm them, because your mind directs the flow of energy and the blood follows. The more your mind is used to circulate Chi, the faster and easier your blood flows. If you jog or exercise violently you can increase your rate of circulation but here you can sit down and relax and though your heart doesn't work as hard as it normally does, your circulation will be increased.

Lifting heavy weights

Lifting Heavy Objects

Before you move, be clear in your mind about the direction of your movement, then move. Your mind should move first. COMPLETE THE MOVEMENT It is essential to breathe in as you lift and to complete the lift fully before making any other movement. A lot of back injuries are caused by people moving sideways or at an angle while they are still lifting, or by merging the end of the upward movement with the beginning of the next movement. This can place great strain on the spine and cause dislocation. Be sure to complete the lift fully, and allow your mind to settle, before going on to your next movement.

Lao Tzu and Nothingness

Yin Yang Nothingness Everythingness

The first chapter of Tao Te Ching has been known for centuries as a difficult teaching. For that every reason, I will interpret it casually here, using my qi intuition. My restatement of the chapter would go something like this Tao is not something that you can always define. Look, I am able to attain the stage of Nothingness any time I want, and I am able to become one with everything in the outer world. You give them names in doing so, you assume that you know them well. Can't you see that this is a mistake All things have existed constantly from the beginning, long before they had names. By giving things names, you set them as a general idea in your mind and distinguish yourself from them.

Regulating the Qi Tiao Qi M i

To the martial Qigong group, regulating the Qi means 1. Improving the flow of Qi to the desired area for higher efficiency and stronger physical manifestation 2. Enhancing the level of Qi circulation so the manifestation of Qi can reach a higher level (i.e. power) and 3. Increasing the Qi storage in the Lower Dan Tian and also the Qi vessels. medical Qigong, scholar Qigong, and also martial Qigong societies. The coverage of regulating the Qi in the religious group is even much larger and deeper than any of the other three groups. Therefore, you should keep your mind open and continue to search for the training theory and methods. This is the way of searching for the Dao. Chinese call these people Xun Dao Zhe meaning Dao Searcher.

Chapter Initial Preparations

Stomach And Sternum

(3) Counting each inhalation and exhalation together as one, practice reverse breathing six, nine, and then eighteen times. Practice until you are able to control the diaphragm with your mind, commanding it to lower down or rise up. After you have learned Iron Shirt Breathing, you can practice sending energy to the abdomen. With this exercise, you will gradually train your mind to direct and increase the Chi pressure at will to the upper middle and lower abdominal areas, or to the left or right kidneys, packing, wrapping and energizing them, to the adrenal glands, the liver, the spleen, the pancreas, the lungs, the heart, the thymus gland, or the thyroid and parathyroid glands. (Fig. 2.13) (In the advanced level, you will learn to direct Chi to other parts of the body as well.)

BRowing Testing force

Resistance feeling that you find in it is now substantial then you can start practicing Splashing Issuing force. Splashing Issuing force helps you in fact to externalize your internal power. Posture and movement are the same then in as Rowing Testing force, imagine that both hands are holding a basin containing water that you want throw as far as possible. Movement foot kicks ground, hands like swinging forcefully the water contained the imaginary basin very far in the same use your mind to throw it even further. During this training, you should deeply concentrate your mental up to its highest degree, use your mind to control consciously these resting muscles and request them to perform contraction relaxation cycles, in the same time to develop in your cerebral cortex new conditioned

Method of the Three Lines Penetrating Qi

When you breathe in, concentrate your mind on Dantian (in the lower abdomen) when you breathe out, release harmful gases following the three Standing naturally and hands hanging loosely, relax yourself. As you breathe in, concentrate your mind on Dantian as you breathe out, recite these following

25 Fighting Principles Video

Chamber Sidekick

Emptying your cup does not mean you must give up all you have learned, forget all that you know. That would be absurd. To empty you cup simply means to adapt a teachable attitude. To put what you know about something out of your mind and listen to a new explanation, a new insight. There is always more than one way to teach energy skills. Some ways work better than others on certain people. What follows in these pages is just one way. It is what I have learned as the Wing Chun way, but there are many different interpretations of the Wing Chun way. Mine is just one, yours is just as valid so long as it produces the desired results.

All kinds of amazing psych abilities developed because they practised Qigong

Life, but be prepared also to be flexible in your mind about applying those principles in different ways. Though we all have days we could quite accurately describe as sweet and sour, the universe is too big to just have one flavour It's up to us to do our best to apply our principles skilfully. The result, the wise say, belongs to the gods. Only the effort belongs to us_

A Gua Two Man Application Drills

In training, learn to watch your mind and emotions as well as physical skill. Thus, partner routines that can be repeated back and forth endlessly (such as those in this chapter) foster development of a mental laboratory to not think about the material so much, and instead concentrate on his or her inner universe.

The Greater Heaven Meditation

Extraordinary Meridians Masterpoints

Fingers are an important tool for tracing along the pathways and points of the body. By touching yourself you educate your mind and awarness about where places, points and pathways are located. are educating your mind and awareness about your body and energy. Your mind 'reads' and learns where the various pathways are, and Slowly draw your fingers forward, following with your mind, so that they come over your forehead, over your eyes, and down the middle of your cheek to the edge of your jaw. Then continue vertically upwards along this line, over the back of your pelvis, reaching as far up your back as your arm will go. Your arm can only reach so high up your back. To continue up your back and make the connection along the path where your hands cannot reach, you have to use your mind to direct and connect your Qi. Repeat the previous four quarters slowly three times, tracing with your fingers and following with your mind awareness, so that you educate your mind about these pathways....

The Five Essential Techniques of Qigong Practice

Regulating the heart mind is a technique to calm your mind and tune your consciousness into tranquility. It is the way to refine your Shen (spiritual energy) and improve your health on the spiritual level. In Chinese shamanism, a healthy physical body always holds its spiritual body. A person will become ill if the spiritual body separates from the physical body. For instance, a person who tries hard to find a job and doesn't succeed for a long time will find that the digestion function may become imbalanced because the Will (Spleen spirit)

The Moving of Yin Yang

Body Positions

This exercise is very good for healing your internal organs. Through the guidance of your mind and the movement of your hands, the heart energy and the kidney energy join during this exercise opening many blockages in the body. As you raise your hands, visualize a transparent energy column in the middle of your torso shining with beautiful colors. This energy column runs from the top of your head to the bottom of your torso. The size of the energy column depends upon your visualization. (If you have difficulty holding this visualization, don't force it. Simply say it once in your mind and then know that the energy column is there.) While moving your hands, visualize the energy moving up and down the transparent column and visualize the channels in the torso opening completely. (If you have difficulty holding this visualization, just say it once in your mind. Then, feel confident the transparent energy column is

Cosmic Healing Chi Kung in the Universal Tao System

This is the major practice to connect with the earth, cosmic and universal forces. This is the way to make a connection with the North Star and the Big Dipper's violet red light which is one of the very powerful universal healing lights. Through this practice you learn to feel Chi and to use your mind eye heart power to guide the Chi flow through the primary energy routes in your body. This practice is later extended to include the arm and leg routes too it is then called the Macrocosmic Orbit.

Alleviating depression

Penis Breath

Have you noticed that after a meal you often feel tired and sleepy This is because most of the energy in your body goes to your stomach to digest the food. As a result your brain loses energy, your mind is not as clear, and you feel sleepy. The same is true of what we drink. Only pure water is absorbed directly from other liquids, such as supermarket soft drinks and alcohol, the body has to separate out the beneficial elements and eliminate the negative ones. Even something healthy like fresh fruit juice cannot be absorbed directly to become part of us. So whenever we eat or drink, we need to use our energy our Qi. However, if you meditate before going to bed, you will be in a relaxed state. In meditation there are two kinds of images created by the mind. The first will take our energy and affect our state of calmness and balance these are called distracting thoughts, for example thoughts about your work, your family, your plans etc. The others come naturally, and you might see...

Your Natural Strength Protection

Natural Qigong

As you deepen your practice of Da Cheng Chuan, the energy surrounding you becomes stronger and extends further out from your body. It acts like a natural radar system. You become aware of possible dangers far earlier and further away from you than you did before. Your field of vision is broader and your mind becomes aware of obstacles before they are in full view.

Eighth Energy Center Pai HuiCrown of The Head

When the power passes through the mid-brain and the region of the pineal gland, you may feel some tightness or a kind of pressure pushing forward and backward in this area. You may also suddenly feel very sleepy. When the power freely passes through this point you will be afflicted less by illusion, you will be able to concentrate better, and your head will feel much lighter. However, as blood flow to the head increases, your eyes may redden. When the power builds up more some people may see light, a rainbow of colors, the sun, the moon, or a star twinkling before their eyes. Others may feel that they can foresee the future (but that is an illusion because occult vision is still far off at this stage). No matter what comes up, simply find ways to calm your mind.

Practice of Opening of the Great Bridge and Great Regulator Channels

Start at the top (GB-17) and go over the face and down in a straight line, along the front of the body and the inside of the legs to the K-1 (Bubbling Spring). Then go up, on the outside of the legs, hips and spine to the shoulder and down to the armpits (SI-9). Next go with the right hand over the outside of the left arm and back on the inside of the left arm to LI-16 on the shoulder. We continue with the left hand from SI-9 over the outside of the right arm and back on the inside of the right arm to LI-14 on the shoulder From there we continue with both hand along the neck to GB-20 back to CB-17. Touch lightly each point and use your mind eyes, when you go down and up along the Channel in this way. You can repeat a few times until you really are aware of the Channel and feel the flow of energy. - Rest and feel the three Thrusting Channels and all the organs, they penetrate, open and clean. With your mind eyes you can still let the energy flow up and down in the three channels. All...

Breathing And Relaxing

Over the centuries various techniques have been developed to help people calm their minds. Some methods advise you to concentrate your mind on one point or to follow the rise and fall of your breathing without allowing yourself to be distracted. Other meditational systems are based on repeating a word or phrase so that your mind comes to focus solely on that activity and slowly lets go of other preoccupations. Because of the tremendous mental effort they require, these systems often increase the level of tension in both the body and the mind. Many of them focus exclusively on the mental aspect and neglect the rest of the human organism. In Zhan Zhuang training, the aim is to train your mind and body at the same time. The training includes what the Chinese call mentality exercises - using the efforts of your mind to relax the muscles in your body. Like other systems, this takes a lot of care initially but in the end, your Chi will flow through a relaxed body that is synchronized with a...

Yin and Yang in Tai Chi Chuan

When Yin and Yang theory is applied to man, its root of action is your Yi (wisdom mind). It is your mind which decides if you will change your Wu Chi state into the Yin and Yang state, or if you will lead yourself from Yin and Yang into Wu Chi. That means that your Yi is the EMF which determines the entire situation your Yin and Yang strategy, actions, or the Chi movements in Tai Chi Chi Kung. Yin still meditation can strengthen the mind (i.e., the EMF of the Chi), and can build up the Chi to a higher level. The still meditation of Tai Chi Chi Kung can open the paths of the Conception (Yin) and Governing (Yang) Vessels, and increase the Chi stored in them. When the Chi in these two vessels is abundant, the Chi circu- -lating in the twelve primary channels will be abundant, and therefore your physical body will be able to function more efficiently. Developing the Yi and the Chi through still meditation is the root of physical power. Remember ONLY WHEN THE CHI IS STRONG CAN THE PHYSICAL...

Inner Smile The Sages Way to Unfold

Mantak Chia Cosmic Inner Smile

From this Daoist point of view, striving after the goal of an empty mind will lead to unnecessary frustration. Nature will quickly refill whatever you empty, including your mind. This is the dynamic between stillness and movement that is known as tai chi (or taiji), meaning the Supreme Ultimate. Tai Chi is not to be confused with the martial art of tai chi chuan, which is just one application in which one boxes with these invisible forces in order to defeat an opponent.

Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung

To teach Tai Chi beginners how to regulate the body, breathing, and Yi.sOnce you have grasped the idea of Chi, you then start to learn how to regulate your body. This includes how to relax the body from the skin to as deep as the internal organs and bone marrow. Through this relaxation you are able to feel and sense your center, balance, and root. You must also learn how to regulate your breathing - normal abdominal breathing for relaxation and reverse abdominal breathing for Chi expansion and condensation. Most important of all, you must learn how to regulate your mind until it can be calm and concentrated without disturbance. All of these criteria are the critical keys to the correct practice of Tai Chi Chuan. If you start learning the Tai Chi sequence without having already done this basic training, you will be preoccupied with the complicated movements, and will only be able to perform them in a superficial way. 4. To teach Tai Chi practitioners how to circulate Chi in the 12...

Outer Acceptance vs Inner Acceptance Outer Smile vs Inner Smile

Michael Winn

So you end up smiling like a glowing lamp, shining out from the open space within yourself, at the insides (i.e. the subject )of all objects in the world. So you end up smiling from your inside to the insides of everything else. Wrap your mind about that one. When you get to the guided meditation you will understand better.

The Brain Mechanisms Involved in Qi Energy

Overcome Stress

When you practice Standing Zen, you will experience some pain in your trunk, legs, and arms. But if you bear the pain and maintain the position, you will come to feel a different, pleasant sensation. You may also have flashes of intuition about problems that have been on your mind. Standing Zen is said to activate the A-10 nerve and POMC, stimulating our qi energy and creativity. This is a way to theoretically prove the effectiveness of Standing Zen.

The Qi Energy and Your Sixth Sense

You pick up the phone and sure enough it's that person. Or, someone comes into your mind, someone you may not have seen in awhile, and suddenly this person shows up. Or, you're driving along and suddenly you get a message to change lanes or take a different route and in doing so you avoid an accident.

It Is The Yi Which Leads The Chi And Makes It Move

Therefore, when you are in a state of correct breath regulation, your mind is free. There is no sound, stagnation, urgency, or hesitation, and you can finally be calm and peaceful. It is said in Taoist society that (When) large Tao is taught, first stop thought when thought is not stopped, (the lessons are) in vain. (*21) This means that when you first practice Chi Kung, the most difficult training is to stop your thinking. The final goal for your mind is the thought of no thought. (*22) Your mind does not think of the past, the present, or the future. Your mind is completely separated from influences of the present such as worry, happiness, and sadness. Then your mind can be calm and steady, and can finally gain peace. Only when you are in the state of the thought of no thought will you be relaxed and able to sense calmly and accurately. Regulating your mind means using your consciousness to stop the activity in your mind in order to set it free from the bondage of ideas, emotion,...

Chapter Tai Chi Chi Rung

Before we go into the practice of Tai Chi Chi Kung, we would like to point out a few things. First, if you look at your Chi Kung practice as a battle against sickness and aging, then your body is the battlefield, your mind is the general, your breathing is the strategy, your Chi is the soldiers, and your spirit is the morale of the general and soldiers. Therefore, in order to win this battle, you must know your battlefield (body) and learn how to arrange it most advantageously for the battle. The general (mind) who is in charge of the battle must be calm, wise, and always know what he is doing, so that he can set up the best strategy (breathing). When the battlefield, general, and strategy (body, mind, and breathing) are organized correctly, the soldiers (Chi) can be led effectively. You also need good fighting spirit and high morale. When practicing Chi Kung, you should always pay attention to regulating your body, breathing, and mind. You must keep regulating them until your mind...

Coiling Energy Martial Arts

The most important key to this training is concentration. It is the mind which leads Chi to the skin and to the bone marrow in coordination with the coiling motion, so once you are familiar with the movements you should practice leading your mind into a deeper meditative state which allows you to feel or sense the Chi deep in the bones. Every coiling motion should be generated from the legs and directed to the limbs. The entire body should be soft like a whip. The motion is continuous and without stagnation, like the movement of an octopus. Naturally, breathing (which is the strategy of Chi Kung training) is another key to success. Your breathing should be slow, deep, and long, and you should not hold your breath. An additional key to successful training is the coordination of the anus and the Huiyin cavity, which will help your mind to lead your Chi more efficiently.

Shooting the Hawk by Drawing the Bow Tight Do This Twice With Your Left and Right

Tai Chi For Seniors

Effects This movement is used to strengthen the kidneys and the waist area. First you must sink down, to root yourself as when you pull a strong bow. Without this root, you will not have strong balance, and will not be able to pull the bow effectively. Make sure that when you squat down, you keep your back straight and tuck your buttocks under. This places emphasis on the kidneys. When you do this, you not only strengthen the waist muscles, but also increase the Qi circulation in the kidney area. Focus your mind so that you really feel that you are drawing a very strong bow. This focused mind is one of the key benefits of this movement developing your ability to concentrate.

What are the benefits

The mind is more powerful than the eyes and the body. Wherever you want to go is limited, but your mind can go even beyond the universe wherever you imagine you can go. At the highest level of meditation you bring yourself to be nothing -called Wu Wai. Then you become one with the universe, you go back to your own natural orbit and to your own rhythm. At that stage illness, damage and any other problems will be cleared by your Qi.

Falun Law Wheel and Falun Gong

A As long as you regard yourself as a cultivator and follow the Xinxing (mind-nature) requirements that I have discussed, when you do not practice, not only does it not disappear, but it strengthens. Your energy potency will even continue to grow. But on the contrary, if you practice more often than anyone else, but fail to conduct yourself in a manner consistent with the Xinxing I require, I am afraid these practices would be a waste. Although you practice, it will not work. No matter what kind of practice system you do, if you do not do it according to the requirements, it is very probable that you are cultivating an evil practice. If you have only those bad things on your mind, thinking, How bad so-and-so is, I will fix him once I have developed capabilities, etc., even if you are learning Falun Gong, when you add these things into it and do not follow my Xinxing guidelines, aren't you practicing an evil practice, too

Step a Smile dissolve your entire physical body

Your mind is the egg itself, holding the potential to become any shape, any experience of physicality. It has temporarily dissolved its attachment to the dense solidity of its body, but this is an ongoing process. We constantly pulse back and forth between the physical and the energetic bodies. There may be aspects of your self that are resistant to dissolving into energy, that are stuck in identifying with their physical nature. You may be feeling a little lighter, a little more peaceful, more accepting of a new center deep within that integrates all your body intelligences and tissues. Open your eyes slowly, allowing this smiling, peaceful feeling to remain deep inside you, even as your sensory perceptions of the room and the colors and people begin to fill your mind with new images and feelings.

Forget about your Palms

An extremely important theory of Cosmic Healing Hand Techniques is to 'forget about your palm'. This means that you should only use the palm (which is incredibly sensitive), for 'guiding' the universal energy into the right spot, sending out a minute beam of light, like a laser, that marks the place where the energy should be sent. Your palm is connected to your brain, which has been sunk into your Tan Tien. The light marker will serve as a beacon for the force that is directed down by your mind. Draw down the Universal Chi, guide it to the right spot and give the command Stay . This is very important, otherwise the Chi will disappear once you move your hand.

Chapter The Root of Tai Chi Chuan Yin and Yang

Breath is closely related to the state of your Chi, and therefore also considered Yin or Yang. When you exhale you expel air from your lungs, your mind moves outward, and the Chi around the body expands. In the Chinese martial arts, the exhale is generally used to expand the Chi to energize the muscles during an attack. Therefore, you can see that the exhale is Yang - it is expanding, offensive, and strong. Naturally, based on the same theory, the inhale is considered Yin. As mentioned before, your mind is also closely related to your Chi. Therefore, when your Chi is Yang, your mind is usually also Yang (excited) and vice versa. The mind can also be classified according to the Chi which generated it. The mind (Yi) which is generated from the calm and peaceful Chi obtained from Original Essence is considered Yin. The mind (Hsin) which originates with the food and air Essence is emotional, scattered, and excited, and it is considered Yang. The spirit, which is related to the Chi, can...

Opening to Heaven Earth and Nature

Thus, your mind and body learn to gather, absorb, direct and transform the heaven, earth and cosmic energy for your own use. This is the essence of Chi Kung. Today there is a lot of emphasis on learning movements and forms of Chi Kung. However, if the inner feeling is not there, the movements are of little value.

The Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong Form

Tai Chi Eight Gates

Stand in a neutral position with your feet parallel and shoulder-width apart, with your hands at your sides. Close your eyes, calm your mind, and breathe deeply and regularly. Open your eyes, gaze straight forward, continue breathing naturally and smoothly. Inhale, interlock your fingers, palms up in front of your lower abdomen Photo 49 , and raise your hands above your head while slightly bending your elbows Photo 50 .

Eighth form Introspecting deeply on one leg post

Stand on one leg, knee slightly bending, front leg lifting, toes hooking back, chest slightly withdrawn, head straightening and foot stamping down. Both hands at head level, wrists turning out and fingers supporting, shoulders relaxed and elbows horizontal, back erected and waist straightened, hip tightened and belly inhaling, relax your face and concentrate your mind (Figure 3-34).

The Concept of Meditation

Meditation is the art of learning to quiet your mind so that the constant internal dialogue is turned off, at least for a few minutes a day, and you can enjoy a feeling of profound peace and happiness. It can be performed in many different ways visualization, guided visualization, breath control, breath counting, problemsolving meditation for when you can't come up with the answers you need, and relaxation meditations for when you're stressed. Meditation can answer some very big questions that we all have Why am I here Where am I going Who am I

Regulating the Body Tyau Shenn

Regulating the Body is called Tyau Shenn in Chinese. This means to adjust your body until it is in the most comfortable and relaxed state. This implies that your body must be centered and balanced. If it is not, you will be tense and uneasy, and this will affect the judgement of your Yi and the circulation of your Chi. In Chinese medical society it is said (When) shape (body's posture) is not correct, then the Chi will not be smooth. (When) the Chi is not smooth, the Yi (Mind) will not be peaceful. (When) the Yi is not peaceful, then the Chi is disordered. (* 12) You should understand that the relaxation of your body originates with your Yi. Therefore, before you can relax your body, you must first relax or regulate your mind (Yi). This is called Shenn Hsin Pyng Herng, (*13) which means Body and heart (Mind) balanced. The body and the mind are mutually related. A relaxed and balanced body helps your Yi to relax and concentrate. When your Yi is at peace and can judge things accurately,...

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