Chinese Maxims

Editor Gong Dafei says in his introduction to this book, "People now accord greater importance to economics, science, knowledge and culture. On the other hand, vices have cropped up in the form of money worship, corruption, self-seeking, cheating, forgery, misrepresentation...and robbery. These have gravely undermined social morality. It is with this in mind that we have compiled this book of Chinese Maxims - Golden Sayings of Chinese Thinkers over Five Thousand Years. These are selections from a wealth of Chinese philosophical works. Like flowers floating in the eternal stream of history, they retain their colour and fragrance, as well as their true beauty. They will not only be useful to one's intellectual development, but will also inspire and help one to become a better person. This books meets the needs of all those who are pressing ahead with the times, who intend to cultivate themselves their whole life long, who are busily building up their career and who wish to perfect themselves by drawing on classical texts and by learning from real life."

This book is meant for both foreign and Chinese readers alike and is written in Chinese and English. It has over six hundred sayings from many different sources: - scholars, philosophers and thinkers throughout Chinese history but were chosen based on their essence and instructive contents, ease of understanding, brevity and variety. The four sections into which Chinese writings are traditionally divided - classics, historic books, books of various masters and books of literature - have been used as sources for this book of maxims.

The maxims in this volume are classified under six headings: On Will, On Learning (sayings on how to teach, on valuing time and on relationship between knowledge and action), On Self Cultivation, On Social Relations, On Wisdom and Strategy and lastly On Government. There is something for everyone in this book and will never wear out its usefulness. As it says in Maxim number 21 66, "Learning is indeed an endless course."

by Jessica Blackwell

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