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Sifu Michael Tse will also be teaching a Qigong seminar on the 26th of June in Hendon, Northwest London. For details of this please contact

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Defici ent Jing

Dear Sir,

I would be extremely grateful if you could answerthe following questions and reply back to me as soon as possible. Since childhood, I have felt insecure. This mental insecurity has grown to quite an extent in the past four years like never before. Also, whenever I am faced with threatening and dangerous situations, my body begins to shake suddenly over which I have no control. I have become extremely frightened and this fear has been persistent for about five years.

According to Chinese Medicine, what would be the likely cause of such mental and physical symptoms? I have in a book on Chinese Medicine by Tim Williams that fear and insecurity is caused by deficiency in Jing which nourishes the kidney Qi which governs the Qi of the entire body which would explain the general weakness that I feel.

I have also suffered lower back problems in the past three to four years. My GP has sent me to a specialist who conducted a x-ray scan of my lower back which revealed no skeletal damage. Also I have seen a physiotherapist who has told me that I have no muscular damage in my lower back or anywhere on my back for that matter.

So I can only assume that there is a deficiency in Jing which is causing so many problems. Please will you state your views on this matter based on the information I have given you and also what form of treatment could remedy this situation? Would acupuncture/Chinese herbs be helpful or would it be more beneficial for me to try the exercises shown in Michael Tse's book? A, Lancashire

Dear A,

Thanks for your letter. As I am not a Chinese medical doctor, I can only answer your questions based upon my over twenty-five years of Qigong training and experience and let you decide for yourself. I would agree that your kidneys seem to be not as strong as they should. Based upon the Five-Element theory, each of our five major internal organs relates to an emotion and the emotion for kidneys is fear. The five major internal organs are also called the hollow organs, as they are the storehouses for energy. The kidneys are the holders of Jing which is first type of energy produced when we do Qigong exercises. If we deplete our Jing, working too hard, having too much sexual intercourse, then our kidneys will be weakened and the body will then show such emotional symptoms as fear and insecurity and such physical symptoms as lower back pain, aching in the joints, hair and hearing loss.

Qigong is very good because it will not only works on one organ but the whole body. So not only will the kidneys be strengthened, also your heart and lungs. When the heart is strong, you will know your direction and when the lungs are strong, you will not be depressed and your outlook will be positive. When we do the Qigong movements and connect them with breathing and relaxation, we are balancing the blood and Qi in the body. The channels will be smoothed and acupuncture points opened so we can receive more Qi nature. Because you also worry a lot, this can also affect the spleen. All of the body is like a universe and what affects one thing, will affect the rest. The Qigong meditation will help calm your mind and so you will worry less and less and begin to see things differently.

You can try the movements in the book, like the Balancing Gong, for which there is also a video tape. You can also try the Horse Stance meditation described in a previous letter in this PO Box of Qi Magazine and also in the book. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Yours sincerely, Michael Tse

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