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I do know is that it does not matter what other people say. They may say I am good, but I know I am not good enough. They are like the animals on the ground who do not know much about flying so of course they are impressed. When you think you are good, then you stop improving, but then you will get blown away in the wind."

"Personally, I am not interested in what the animals on the ground think. I am only interested in what my seniors think, the ones who really know about flying. Just one word from them is worth more than one hundred from others." Said Chan. "I remember there was once a student who travelled to a far away town and gave a demonstration. All the people thought he was so good and told him so. When he came back, he became very conceited and thought he was so good. Then when Sifu told him some of his movements were not correct he shouted back and argued saying that everyone thought he was so good, so how could he be wrong."

"Really!?" said Ma quite astounded. "Its hard to believe isn't it?" said Chan, "Do you think he would have been so believing if the people had said he was so bad? So you see he forgot who had the right to tell him whether he was good or bad."

Ma looked up and nodded, "So if Sifu says "good" then it really means something, and he tells us how to be even better. Also we should not listen too much to other people as they cannot really judge what is right or wrong".

"That's right Little Ma" said Chan, "So you see Sifu is not criticising you for getting something wrong. He is helping you to make yourself stronger, and as long as you learn something each time, you should be happy, not sad."

Ma nodded again and smiled. "You are right again Big Brother, whether you believe me or not?"—

by Darryl Moy email [email protected],qimagazine. com

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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