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Movement has been an ongoing part of my life, since I was very little. The first spontaneous movement I can recall was when my mother played V W ^ VW W ■ W

the music from Aristocats, which inspired me to dance and jump to the lively tunes from the record. I remember the joy of moving, although I was only three years old.

As a child I chose hobbies such as gymnastics, ballet, ice-skating and jazz-dance , but I eventually lost the natural joy and spontaneity , as the focus was on end result, rather than process.

At the age of twenty one I came across Taiji. After a series of minor injuries that seemed to linger and cause discomfort, this seemed to be a perfect alternative to the movement-styles that I had practised previously.

For the first time ever, I experienced having a centre, from which both movement and learning took place. Lessons in the Alexander Technique, along with Taiji-classes made me see a link between attention and movement, and answered so many questions for me, that in short, it was the beginning of a new path.

1992 I met Tse Sifu in England. This led me to give Qigong a real place in my life, and I was inspired to practice regularly. When I later learnt the Wild Goose Qigong , I started to feel very deeply for my Qigong-practice, and began to understand what Sifu had said about how Qigong makes us become more natural and able to develop our talents.

With the perspective of the eleven years that has passed since I first started, I can see that the core of my love for movement was always seeking an expression, but I did not initially have the tools that I needed. Only with the reference of an effortless and natural way of moving, and through the help of excellent teachers, have I been able to find conscious access to my own centre of both movement and stillness.

My interest in movement and wellbeing has also led me to learn skills in the Alexander Technique, Ki-Aikido and Acupressure, Today I am grateful to be able to give regular classes in Qigong and to see how it can transform other peoples' lives.

The joy and spontaneity I first experienced from dancing to Aristocats, age three, has been rekindled, and I have taken up Lindyhop (Swing), at the age of thirty-two!

A special thanks to Sifu for helping me to, as the poet T.S Eliot expressed it: "...to arrive where I started and know the place for the first time".

Pia Anderson is qualified to teach the Dayan Qigong syllabus She can be contacted on: [email protected] se +4631 87 14 51

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