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Dear Sifu Tse,

I am writing to you to see if you can help me on my search for a reputable teacher of "Spontaneous" Qigong in and around the London area.

I went to a few classes a number of years ago which were extremely enlightening, but sadly that teacher is no longer available. I already practise a Qigong form called "Dali Jing Gang Gong", but I would very much like to supplement it with "Spontaneous" Qigong if possible.

My problem is that I'm unfortunately allergic to any food that has flavour, and avoiding everything that I'm allergic to is impossible. and so then I'll be ill for the next week. Which is so frustrating because then I miss a week's worth of kung fu class, and so I feel I'm either recovering or suffering from something, which makes it very hard to progress in kung fu.

As "Dali Jing Gang Gong" is quite forceful I don't always feel I have the energy to do it, and so I'd love to learn something softer to balance it out. I feel I need help to unblock some of my energy points in order speed my recovery.

As a side point do you know of "Dali Jing Gang Gong"? If so I'd be very interested in hearing what you know.

Thank you for your time, I know you must be a VERY busy person, but I hope you have the time to reply to me. Thank you. G.R

Dear GR,

Thank you for your letter regarding Spontaneous Qigong, however, I am only familiar with the style I teach, which is Five Animal Play Spontaneous Qigong. I do not know any other teachers of this kind of Qigong. Perhaps though, if you are still experiencing health problems, you might have your teacher look at your form and see if there is anything which you are doing incorrectly or using the wrong energy. If we do not practise using the right energy and following the principles of that style, then the health benefits will be reduced. Qigong should make the body stronger. In fact, many of my students who practise Dayan Qigong find that their allergies have been greatly reduced or even eliminated through steady and continued practise. I would say that if you still feel tired after your Qigong practise, then maybe that style is not fit for you at this moment and as you say, you should try something else. If you do this, you should not mix any two Qigong styles, however. You should practise them separately and follow the principles of that style, not mixing them up. Otherwise, you can have Qigong side effects. I hope this helps you and that you are able to find what you are looking for soon. Best wishes, Michael Tse

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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