Double Wind Goes Through Ears

After using stomach heel kick to his abdomen, the opponent would bend forward. Now, in a fit of over-kill you take his head and slam it down onto your knee, Photo No. 109. Then as he reels backwards you step forward and follow up with double temple punch. Photo No. 110. This is really a case of over-kilt but that's how the form goes.

Chi Energy Fighting

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You are being attacked by front kick and you evade by twisting your body and poke to the Dim-Mak points (acupuncture points) around his heart. Photo No. 111. He would probably block this. You now grab his hand and pull him downward using the momentum of your lowering. Photo No. 112. He would now pull backward so you spring up and attack with sidekick to his knee, keeping your palms as guards. Photo No. 113. This is from the 'Old Yang Style.'

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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