Fishes In Eight

Your opponent strikes you with right fist at your right side. You should block his arm with your right forearm in a circular fashion, Photo No. 36. Then, simultaneously attack his face with right heel palm as the left palm takes over the block. Photo No. 37.

Another use of this posture is as follows You are attacked with a punch to the acupuncture (Dim-Mak) points under your left arm. You should block down with your right forearm onto your left forearm to form a scissor block. Photo No. 38. Mow swivel to your right and pull the attacker s right palm over to your right. You now strike with your left knife-edge palm to his throat as you step forward with your left foot. This is done also on the other side. Photo No. 39.

Fishes Eight Posture


As your opponent attacks low with a right fist to your lower left rib area, you should block with your right hooked palm and take it over to your right as you swivel to that side, your left fingers point to your right elbow. Photo No. 40. Step forward with your left foot and attack the acupuncture points under his right arm. Your left palm protects you from his re-attack Photo No. 41. This is also practiced on the other side and the initial block using hooked palm is used to block upward for head attacks. Continuing the use of single whip: A right fist attacks your face, you should use your hooked right palm to block it over to your right. Photo No. 42. Now attack with left palm to the kidney area. Photo No. 43.


You are attacked by a right or left fist to the upper area. You slap his wrist with your left palm as your right palm slaps his left elbow to break the arm. Your right foot kicks to his knee area. Photo No. 44. You now throw your opponent backwards.

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