Long Har Chuan


I said earlier that Long Har Ch'uan is where we learn to forget about technique and take all that we have learnt and put it inside. This is where our technique becomes subconscious so that our body and mind can work as one unit. This method must not be taken for actual fighting technique because then it becomes just that, another technique to learn. We must treat this as a training device to teach us something. Some of these techniques could very well be used as fighting techniques but we prefer them to become sub-conscious reactions rather than a planned line of defense.

This is the hardest of all areas for people to learn, especially those who have studied another 'external' martial art. The most common questions asked by students from other schools ii. "What If!" We call these "what if" brigade. I always invite new students to DO WHAT IF and see what happens, then they say "But you did something completely different!" Then I explain that the techniques that they are teaming must not be taken as strict rule, they are only training devices. Devices that teach us to change our tine of defense automatically as the fighting situation changes. 'No Form' means that we change to suit the form of the attacker; this is what is meant by 'sticking to and not letting go' from the classics.


The first technique from long har ch'uan is the folding principle, which I have already covered.

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