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m told us how he used Daoism to enhance his part of this interview, he goes on to tell us how he s to help balance a person's Qi.

human beings these clays have created a lot of things they call food which are not really from nature but are actually done within nature. It is because of this that we begin to experience conflicts with nature. This is why people have a hard time understanding the principles of energy analysis. When a human being is born and enters the world, they have already spent nine months in the mother's womb. When they are born, the)- become independent of their mother with their first breath. Also with that first breath, the cosmic energy of the universe is there, in the air. There are various conditions within nature when they arc born. Whether it is fall or summer, whether it is warm or cold, rainy or dry. There are many different conditions which vary and so as a result there are some people who are vet)- unsuited to eating certain foods while there are others quite suited to eating these same things."

Master Sunim continues, "When we consider that, food is part of nature and we are part of nature. For example, in the winter it is not very appropriate to wear cool, thin clothes. In the summer, it is not appropriate to wear warm, heavy clothes. So in the same way, we have our own climate of energy inside depending on the time of year and rime of day we were bom. Human beings have five major internal organs. And in nature there are five different kinds of energies. The wind blows and through the functioning of the wind, then the wood energy functions. Stones and rocks are metal energy. Lakes and oceans are the water energy. When the sun shines down from the sky, it is providing the warmth of the fire energy. On the ground there is the earth, the soil. There are always these energies in the universe and because we live in the midst of that, the moment that we are bom, then with our first breath, we take in all these energies."

According to the time of when we are bom and the season, then one element will be stronger than the other, even with the day and the hour this is true. He says, "In the fall the energy of the spring is very weak and almost absent. Because in the spring, the plants are just beginning to grow whereas in the fall, things arc beginning to wither and die. In the same way, human beings absorb the energies of nature. When doing a person's analysis, it is these things that I look at. In the same way that people have their own personality, each kind of food has its own personality. There are some people who are very active or very talkative and there are others who are quiet and who do not have a lot to say and are very grounded. This is because of the kind of energy they are born with. In foods, garlic and onions have a strong fire energy, very warm and active. Foods like barley, pork or melons have very cold, water energy. There are these same kinds of energies in Chinese herbs. Ginseng is very hot, fire energy. Bamboo

Part II

shoots are very cold energy. Water in nature is generally cold and so among tile five organs, it is our kidneys that reflect the water energy. If someone is bom with kidney deficiency, it is beneficial for them to eat foods that are strong with water energy. Someone whose kidney energy is weak, will have vei

ccWhen a human being enters the world, they have already spent 9 months in the womb.

dry earth or stomach energy If the earth or soil is very dry, then it will absorb the water."

If you have very strong fire energy and only a small pot of water, then very soon it will boil dry and the water will disappear. So for someone who is bom with those kinds of energies, hot fire and earth energies, if you give them foods or herbs that have strong water energy, they suddenly feel very cool and refreshed. However, if they eat fire related foods, then they are easy to get indigestion or constipation. For someone like this, it is also not good for them to go into a sauna whereas someone who has very cold internal energy will get a lot of benefit from going into a sauna."

I asked if different times of a person's life, like when a woman is menstruating, affect their energy analysis. He said, "The basic foundation of the energies a person receives at birth forms their body character and this does not change throughout their life, regardless of the conditions or environment they might live in. That becomes the underlying foundation which never changes. A person will always have a vulnerability towards their weaker element or energy although it can be balanced with foods and herbs^

InteniewbyJessica Blacbiell

Master HyunoongSunim can be contacted at Sixth Patriarch Center, 2584 .Martin lather Lingjr. Way, Rerkky CA. USA. Te/9470t 2630.

If you have studied Feng Shui, you should have come across the term "Chong". What is a Chong, how do you recognise one, and why are they so important?


Chinese people are very frightened of the word "chong". Chong means energy that flows fast - in one direction and in a straight line between two points. So this means something that is against you. For example, if when you open the door of your house there is a road that faces you directly, this means that the road is Chong against your house. This also means that the people who live there will have problem. If a small problem, then it means people will be ill and bedroom, the best is to have it in a place not readily seen. When you need it, you find it Do not have it in a place where you can come suddenly upon it and then frighten yourself.

Anther Chong relates to the toilet If your bedroom or office faces the toilet, then this is not good. The toilet is for releasing negative energy and so if the door is facing (Chong) the toilet, then this means the negative energy will go to your bedroom or office. In the bedroom, this can cause illness

and if the office, means you will lose money. They way to avoid this Chong, is to always close the toilet door and bedroom or office door.

Another type of Chong relates to your horoscope and your animal of your year of birth. The Chinese have twelve animals which relate to every year. Once you know the animal sign you were bom in, you should

"Another type of Chong relates to your horoscope and your animal of your year of birth.

weak and not make money. If a bigger problem, then it means the family will finish, can lose careers and even have accidents. This depends on how long, how big the road and how big or small your house.

Another Chong is a mirror which faces your bed, right in front of you. In the West, having a mirror face the bed is a very common form of decoration. Everytimeyou wake up, you see yourself. The bedroom is for sleeping and rest and you should not have other images to affect you. This can affect your mental wellbeing and can cause stress as well. If you need to have a mirror in the

A Road Runs Right Into Your House "


East look on the chart and find which animal sign and direction is opposite. You should never live in the direction which will Chong your animal sign. If this happens, this Chong can make you tired, take your energy and bring you bad luck^


You can contact Michael m mtsĀ«@wldg>oseqig>iig.coin


Find Which Direction is your Chong



Find Which Direction is your Chong

The Wu Sau in Wing Chun is used as a guarding hand. In fact "Wu Sau" means guarding hand. You could call it your second line of defence.

wing Chun - Wu Sau

I ost of the time you use one hand to [attack or receive your opponent's lattack, the Wu Sau is held behind your forward hand in order to protect yourself should your opponent come through. For example you might step forwards and punch towards your opponent, but he also punches at the same time. If your Wu Sau is in the correct position, then it will block the punch and allow you to strike safely.

There are a few points to remember when making a Wu Sau. Firsdy, the Wu Sau should not be too close to your chest, see Fig 2. A typical situation occurs when you use Bong Sau. Imagine your partner attacks you and you successfully turn and defend yourself with Bong Sau. However, you place your Wu Sau too close to you chest and you partner then pulls your Bong Sau down and attacks you with his other hand. Usually, you will allow the Bong Sau to drop and bring your Wu Sau forward to receive the attack. If though, your Wu Sau is too close then it will be too slow and you will be

From Wu Sau it is very common to use Pak Sau (Slapping Hand), to slap your opponent's punching arm off target. To do this the slap needs to be sharp and quite strong and this strength comes from the wrist To make your wrist strong, you must lift your elbow up, as in Fig 4. If you do not then your wrist will be weak. Grandmaster Ip Chun gives a very good example of how to test this.

Hold your Wu Sau in front of you and allow the hit before your

"To appreciate a

Wu Sau comes forward enough to defend yourself.

You r Wu Sau should be positioned far enough away (but not too far), see Fig 3, so that it can move forwards to quickly receive an attack.

Now in the same situation, because you do not have to move your hand so much further, it will receive the attacking hand that little bit more in front of you. Then you will defend yourself successfully.

To appreciate the second point in making a good Wu Sau, you need to understand another way Wu Sau is used and gets its strength.

good Wu Sau, you need to understand where it gets its strength"

is what will give your Wu Sau and Pak Sau strength.

Some may argue that with the elbow up the ribs are exposed to attack. However, if you drop your elbow I would argue that for the above reasons, it leaves your head open to attack. Further more it is quite easy to drop the Wu Sau into a Gan Sau position or a low Pak Sau to defend the lower part.

Wu Sau is trained in the first section of Siu Lim Tao. You should pay particular attention elbow to drop, Fig 5. Have a partner stand in front of you and push your Wu Sau sideways out of the way. You will find that it is quite hard to hold your Wu Sau in position. Now lift up your elbow, as in Fig 3 and repeat the test You will find that your Wu Sau is much stronger. This is because you have the strength of your forearm behind your wrist This is very important, as this

Fig 5

to the position of both the elbow and wrist Also do it very slowly. Then your Gong Lik will develop and your Wu Sau will become strong, butyou will not have to use much physical strength to maintain it_


You can contact Dairy/on DarryK^qim^

Many people ask me about palm reading so I think it is good to share some of this knowledge with you. However, the knowledge I have comes from my Qigong, my experience and traditional Chinese palm reading skill.

\ 1 CdUJIJg JAiJJ.

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