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part II

Once the seven points have been opened, then Yuan Shen (the original spirit or Qi which is the spiritual energy of a person) will be developed. When the Yuan Shen is developed, the mind will be clear and the memory will be good. A person will be able to sense the things around and will know which things are good for them and which things are not good for them. >i lovement develops the internal organs which relate to the five elements. Therefore, combined with Yuan Shen, then the whole body will be healthy and balanced. Body and mind will become one.

part II

Wild Goose Tai

(NB: Translator's note: After a period oj practising Wild Goose Qigong and developing the body so that seven points are opened and the five orgms are health% then the mind and the Qi become connected. Automatically, when moving, the Qi will connect with the movement. Whenyou think about somethingor someone, there will be a Qi connection. This is high level spiritual development of Dayan Qigongpractice.)

Meditation - Jing Gong

Wild Goose Qigong also concentrates on meditation. When we do meditation, we do so when we have finished the movement and it can be either sitting on a chair, standing or using the lotus position. Before beginning, quiet yourself and look straight ahead. Always keep the back straight and the Baihui point and the Huiyin point in line with each other so that the Qi can flow freely through the channels. The mouth should remain closed and the tip of the tongue should touch the upper palate which is located at the tip of the tongue and the point behind the upper front teeth.

When they touch together, this connects the Du and the Ren channels which were separated at birth. This area that has been separated is called the Magpie bridge or Queqiao (upper and lower). The upper Queqiao relates to the Yintang point and the lower Queqiao point relates to the Weilu Pass. When the mouth is closed, this also stops the Qi from being released.

When you are setded, then slowly close the eyes. Your breathing will naturally calm itself and become slower. In the end, forget everything, forget yourself, your surroundings and the time. When you can do this, this becomes the higher level of meditation and more Qi can develop. The unbalanced body will be balanced and the Yuan Shen will develop and the Dan (essence of the energy which is stored at the Dantien) will create. The mind should not be used to control the energy but let everything come naturally.

Three Kinds of Qi

Dayan Qigong develops three kinds of Qi, particularly, Tien Qi (Heavenly Qi), Di Qi (Earth Qi) and Chong Qi (Between Heaven and Earth Qi). Lao Tzu said Dao creates one. One means everything, including heaven, earth and Chong Qi. One also means nothing, concentrated or no others. It says in the Dao De Ching, "Heaven - if only one energy, the weather is very clear. Earth - if only one Qi, is very quiet and peaceful." Every creature on the planet, if they have one, then will start to create. Therefore, Wild Goose develops three kinds of Qi because in practice we gather both heaven and earth Qi. We also have our own personal Qi. Combined together with our personal Qi, they become one. Some of my senior students, you can see the Qi aura around their body and the Qi has become very strong and their Dans have formed. Their Ziao Zhou Tien (micro-cosmic orbit) has been formed.

However, why is it some people never feel the Qi? The reason is because they stay away from the Heaven and Earth Qi and never develop

Microcosmic Orbit

their Chong Qi. When they stay away from nature, then the three Qis will not develop. By staying away from nature, I mean staying away from the natural order of things, not just staying away from outdoors. Of course, the more we can connect with nature and take more fresh air, then the more benefit we will receive from our practice. But we also need to observe the natural order of things and follow nature in our lives.

Penetrating Qi

When we practise Dayan Qigong, we also observe and connect with the acupuncture points and channels. The acupuncture points and channels help the Qi to go throughout the body stronger and faster. When the Qi flows, internal organs and blood circulation will be stronger. Also the nervous system will be strengthened. Therefore, Dayan Qigong works on the acupuncture points and this builds up the foundation of the Qi. The Qi will flow from the top of the head to the feet and then back up again through the three Dantiens. It will penetrate the whole body and connect with nature and relate to the whole universe.

The mini not be used control the < but let ever3 come nature

Dayan Qigong goes through the following channels,

From the Yamen point the Qi then goes through the Gall Bladder Channel and then goes to the Zusanli to the Kunlun point ^t the ankle.

It comes back to the Mingmen point to the Baihui. It stays at the Taiyan point and Sky Eye and so all is open.

This is how Dayan Qigong goes through the body.


I am already very old and already I have been carrying on the Dayan skill for over eighty years. I have gone through many difficulties. I hope everyone will respect this skill because it is not easy to get. I hope also that the skill will pass down for many more generations. Do not follow the fashion that is so common today, in trying to simplify skilL Do not modify the skill and keep it as it is. I hope that everybody will keep practising Dayan Qigong and be healthy and happy ^

Recorded thoughts of Grandmaster Yang Ma/un by her eldest son Chert Chuan Gang.

Translated by KiuhaetTse.

Wf i should to mergy thing illy"

Healing with Sound

Sound, has been healing, body, mind and spirit from time immemorial. The Tibetans have been accessing different dimensions of reality with harmonics for thousands of years. The Indian yogis have used sacred sound for millennia to access the inner self. The Australian aborigines travelled to their Dreamingon the waves of harmonics.

The healing quality of the voice manifests in many different ways. From the communication of wonder that comes with just listening to a beautiful singing voice to the pure quality of tone affecting the physical and emotional body of the person to whom it is directed.

Nature provides us with so many aural cues for elevating our consciousness. When we start to access the purity of our own tone, we become aware of these aural cues - in the wind, the ocean, and the song of the birds. These signals have always been there. It is now understood that high frequency sounds charge the cerebral cortex when you are in a state of heightened listening awareness, you can feel the effect of a bird's song, a simple bird song, one that you may hear every day. You can feel it ripple through your body, and subdy alter your awareness.

One of the most obvious results of teaching people to discover their natural voice is discovering the ability to sing! This is a wonderful happening. Humans are bom to sing and the recovery of the natural voice is extraordinarily empowering, It is totally within the reach of just about everybody on the planet. Indeed, one of the most wonderful and fulfilling things in my life is to be a part of that process of rediscovery and to share the experience as people start to sing, The use of voice as a healing modality always starts with learning how to tone, how to make pure, soft and resonant sounds with our own voice.

Exploring and refining our voice is a journey of the spirit and our vocal awareness is a reflection of the path of our soul. Plato said, "Music is a moral law. It gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything. It is the essence of order, and leads to all that is good, just and beautiful, of which it is the invisible, but nevertheless dazzling, passionate, and eternal form".

Plato was renowned in his time for his mystery schools, and for soothing the troubled minds of patients with sound. It was in the mystery schools throughout the ages, and in the shamans' sounds from Finland to Tibet to Australia, that the mysterious power of sound to heal was hidden until modern times. We are constantly exploring and refining the use of tone and overtones as catalysts for change and transformation in our own oanspersonal journeys.

Our voice is one of the main keys we have that can help us access and initiate transformation in our lives. So it should come as no surprise to see veiled and unveiled messages from the seers, saints and mystics reminding us to sing our way to health, happiness and enlightenment Look in the ancient texts and you into this silent harmony." It is techniques like this that sound teachers will instinctively turn to heal the mind and spirit. I have been teaching about the healing power of sound for over 13 years. In that time I have experienced first hand many instances of tone generated by the human voice accelerating physical healing to a remarkable extent, and also causing the cessation of pain in injuries. I have also found it very effective for mild to extreme migraines and headaches.

The combination of music and anaesthetics in medical operations where routine medical sedatives are not effective has been utilised in many hospitals and recently at the University of Chicago's Medical Research Centre. Sound has

To understand the

ability of sound to initiate healings we need to look more closely at sound "

will find 16th century Sufi masters telling us the optimum sounds for enlightenment "The three basic sounds are the long basic vowel sounds of A, I and U. These are what the Sufis call the universal harmonic constants and they are used in all mystic paths that utilise sound," said Shaykh Hakim Abu Abdullah Ghulam Moinuddin. "Master these sounds", he said, "and you will ascend the stairway to heaven." What they are saying is that in the mastery of our own voice, our spirit or consciousness evolves, and along the way we experience what could be called sacred sound.

One of my favourite texts is the collection of ancient Indian writings called the Upanishads, said to be over5000years old "Bathe in die centre of sound, as in the continuous sound of a waterfall." "By putting your fingers in your ears, you hear the sound of sounds." "Intone a sound audibly, then less and less audibly as you travel beneficial effect on the central nervous system and also the immune system.

To understand the ability of sound to initiate healing, however, we need to look more closely at sound, the structure of matter and then how they interact Cymatics is the study of shape created by sound. Dr. Hans Jenny, who was renowned for his work in the science of sound took the experimental study of Chaldnian sound shapes, observed in university physics, to their fullest, pioneering the new science of Cymatics. He used electronically generated sounds to create complex and beautiful three-dimensional forms from small particles of matter.

Teachers of sound healing often use videos of Jenny's work at the start of their training to help students understand that sound creates form, a fundamental aspect of this work. Consider the current understanding of quantum physics that atoms, electrons and subatomic particles are actually energy in a state of oscillation, nodes of resonance or a vibration, one could say. Understanding that sound is a vibration, we can see that the correct resonant sound is capable of interacting at this quantum level and effecting change that would restore the human body to its operative vibrational state. This is healing with soundg by Chris JamaivitbJenny Jama

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