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balance and T'ai Chi, 159, 160 basic components of TCM, 182-193 Qigong exercises, 126-128 stepping exercises, 114-116 styles of meditation, 140-141

T'ai Chi hand motions, 117-119

seated, 128-129 tenets of Taoism, 168-170 warm-ups, 61-65 beach/lake/stream/river and T'ai Chi practice, 47

benefits of Chinese massage, 191-192 benefits of T'ai Chi, 23 beyond traditional care, 159-160 Bodhidharma, 18 body alignment, 55-56 body, listening to your, 26 breath counting, 142-144 Breath Watching, 144, 145-146

breathing, 54-55 for meditation, posture and, 141-142 techniques for T'ai Chi exercises, 121 Buddhist methods of meditation, 141 school, the, 38

cardiorespiratory effects, 161 Cat Stepping, 65-66, 114-116 Chen Style, 18-19

choosing a style, 20

choosing an instructor and school, 50-53 chronic stress, 25 coaching, 52

coexisting views of acupuncture, 187

Combining the Hands and Feet, 119-121

community center for T'ai chi practice, 49

concept of meditation, the, 137 Confucian school, the, 38 coordination and circulation, 26 core concepts of T'ai Chi, 54-56 core T'ai Chi principles, a review of, 113-114

cures/preventions and T'ai Chi, 160

definition of Taoist philosophy, 165

diaphragmatic breathing technique, 54

Double Hands Hold Up the Heavens, 98-99

Dove Spreads Wings, 90-91

effects of Aim the Bow and Shoot the Arrow, 102

Alternately Supporting Heaven and Earth, 103

Dove Spreads Wings, 91

Feet and Head Lifted, 108

Five Weaknesses and Seven Injuries

Disappear, 104

Gazing at the Moon Over the

Shoulder, 83

Holding a Ball at Shoulder Level, 82 Lift and Touch Toes, 106 Marching in Place While Bouncing the Ball, 95

Opening the Chest, 75 Painting the Rainbow, 77 Parting the Clouds, 78 Press Palms Across the Body, 85 Press Palms and Calm Down, 96 Punching From a Horseback Riding Stance, 92 Riding the Tide, 74 Rowing on the Lake, 81 Scoop the Sea and Look at the Sky, 89 Screw the Fists With Fiery Eyes, 106 Set the Waves Rolling, 90 Sway the Head and Swing the Tail, 105 Turning the Windmill, 94 Wave Hands Like Clouds, 88 Whirling Arms on Horseback, 80 Wild Goose in Flight, 93 Eight Pieces of Brocade Qigong Form, 38, 97-109, 127-128

18-Movement Qigong Form, 38, 71-96, 126-127

tips for performing, 72 elbow and shoulder warm-up, 63 elderly and T'ai Chi, 161 Emory study and seven therapeutic benefits, 155-156

Emory University, study at, 153-158 energy, 56

evening hours for practice, 53 exercise programs for the elderly, 156 eye crunches, 61-62

Feet and Head Lifted, 108 finger warm-up, 62-63 5 main styles of T'ai Chi, 18-20 Five Weaknesses and Seven Injuries Disappear, 103-104

focus and concentration, 28

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