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With the seated T'ai Chi variations, let me just say this: This will not be "true" T'ai Chi, at least not the type that the Masters all perform in China. You won't have the same balance training, you won't feel your legs rooting into the ground during a push, and you won't be able to work those leg muscles and knee joints very much.

So what? You're still exercising, still moving, and hopefully, still breathing! With that quick introduction, let's try the exercises.

Ward Off

Seated Ward Off can be accomplished quite simply. Your seated position is the same as for the Seated Qigong exercises: straight back, lifted head, feet firmly planted. Lift the right arm up in front of you, with the hand at chest level, elbow slightly lower than wrist, shoulder relaxed, and fingers pointing forward with the thumb on top. Now turn your waist slightly to the right and allow the arm to follow the movement as far to the right as comfortable. Then turn the waist to the left and let the arm follow to the left side. Remember, as in the standing version of Ward Off, let the wrist be loose and let it lead the movement. The fingers should always trail behind the wrist during Ward Off.

Holding and Turning the Ball

Once again, ensure that your posture and alignment is correct while you are sitting. Keep that head up! Begin by holding the imaginary ball in front of your chest, elbows down, wrists bent, and shoulders relaxed. Make the ball about one foot or so in diameter.

Turn your waist to the right, simultaneously turning the ball so that your right hand finishes up on top of the ball, the left hand supporting the bottom. Now turn your waist to the front again, bring the hands on either side of the ball, and continue turning to the left, bringing the left hand on top, right hand on bottom. Continue for as long as comfortable, remembering not to tense up or allow the arms to tighten.

Pushing With Both Hands

Begin facing front. Draw the hands toward the chest, the elbows tucking into your sides against your ribs. Now turn the waist to the right, and push out gently with both hands. Don't reach too far—the elbows should still be slightly bent at the conclusion of the push.

Now draw the hands back to the chest as you simultaneously return your torso to the forward-facing position. Continue turning or coiling smoothly to the left, and push both hands in that direction.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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    Which is better for seated seniors tai chi or qi gong?
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