Form Painting the Rainbow

1. Start inhaling as you slowly straighten knees and lift arms up to chest level with palms facing down.

2. Keep inhaling as you do the following movements: Move arms up overhead while shifting weight onto right foot with right knee slightly bent, left leg straightened and turned 90 degrees outward to the left; then, lower left arm parallel to the floor on the left side with palm up [Photo 5].

3. While exhaling, the bent right arm will now "paint a rainbow," or move in a circular fashion overhead and to the stationary left palm. When the palms are 3

inches apart, both hands form a "ball" or circular-holding shape [Photo 6] and continue down to in front of the abdomen. The weight has remained on the bent right leg until the hands reach the abdomen, then the left foot turns back to the front position, the weight is centered on both legs, and the hands begin the same movement again as Step 1, this time to the opposite side [Photos 7 and 8].

Photo 6.
Qigong Tai Chi For Seniors
Photo 7.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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    How to perform painting the rainbow in tai chi?
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