Tai Chi and the New

This section may be difficult for some of you to take. I have nothing against anyone trying to achieve enlightenment, seeking answers to cosmic questions, or attempting to feel the vibrations from a collection of crystals. Some of what we practice in T'ai Chi, especially at the more advanced levels, seems like magic to many folks.

But T'ai Chi does not belong in this category. If anything, it should go into the history section, because the practice of these exercises goes back hundreds or, if you count Qigong exercises, thousands of years. Better yet, let's put it in the Alternative Medicine category. In Chapter 2, we'll be looking at the general health benefits that T'ai Chi offers us, and we'll go into more detail on the rehabilitative uses of T'ai Chi in Chapter 10. For now, let's just say that T'ai Chi produces some of its wonderful effects in my students after the first class.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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