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Note: For each movement, in addition to the traditional name and the name I regularly use for my students, I am including another Chinese variation, the title of which is preceded by two asterisks (**), to illustrate first, how confusing the terminology can become, and second, to make you laugh! These are actual translations from a Chinese Qigong class I attended many years ago.

First Movement Double Hands Hold Up the Heavens (*Two Hands Hold Up the Sky) (**Lift Two Arms Up to Sky-Height, Be Your Gut in Great Delight)

Stand in a neutral position with your feet parallel and shoulder-width apart, with your hands at your sides. Close your eyes, calm your mind, and breathe deeply and regularly. Open your eyes, gaze straight forward, continue breathing naturally and smoothly. Inhale, interlock your fingers, palms up in front of your lower abdomen [Photo 49], and raise your hands above your head while slightly bending your elbows [Photo 50].

Photo 49. Photo 50.

Exhale, tip or tilt your body to the left [Photo 51], and then stand straight up again while inhaling. Tilt to the right [Photo 52], then stand up straight again. Do not lower your hands down in front of your body until you are finished with as many repetitions as you wish to perform.

Tai Chi Eight Gates
Photo 51. Photo 52.

Effects: This movement works with an area called the Sanjiao, or Triple Burner. The three areas of the Triple Burner are: above the diaphragm, between the diaphragm and navel, and between the navel and the groin. These three burners are said to control, respectively, respiration, digestion, and elimination, and also act as the body's thermostat. So if you're prone to hot flashes, or constantly feel cold, this is the form for you.

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Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

Heal Yourself With Qi Gong

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