Bull Back Tan Tien

a. Stand shoulder width, with the feet parallel. Put your right leg to the front and turn your left foot 45 degrees outward.

b. Your arms are in front of you, palms facing outward.

c. Inhale with the Dragon Sound and feel the suction expand the upper abdomen. Pull up the anus and both sides of the anus; sink to the back and at the same time turn the palms and scoop up the Chi on the left and right sides. The Tan Tien Chi is pushing you to the back and down into the right leg.

Tan Tien Chi Kung
Fig. 5.55 Bull Posture begins.

d. Spiral the hands with the tendons under the armpits until the palms are facing you. "In the curve find the straight" means that when you twist the wrist and the elbow, hold the twist and try to straighten the arms and creating a force in the arms.

Tan Tien Chi Kung
Fig. 5.56 Bull scoops up the Chi.
Chi Power Tan Tien
Fig. 5.57 Bull finding the Curve in the Straight.

e. Then exhale with the Tiger Sound and press the Chi down to the lower abdomen. At the same time very lightly pull up the front side of the anus; spiral the hands more until the palms are facing outward and, at the same time, let the Tan Tien Chi push you to the front and down into the right leg.

f. Feel the energy rising from the earth. Pull up the front and back side of the anus, round the sacrum/lower back (with your chest in, scapulae round and chin pushed back). Feel the energy rising in the spine and push the energy out to the fingertips.

g. Do this exercise 3 to 6 times, rest.

h. Repeat with the left leg in front and the right leg back.

This is a very important introduction exercise for the Tai Chi. From this exercise you will learn to sink back in the kua, move from the Tan Tien with the Tan Tien force and direct the force through the spine to the fingertips and from the fingertips back into the earth.

i. Do the ending exercise (See page 93).

Tan Tien Breathing
Fig. 5.58 Bull makes the Tiger Sound pushing out to the front.

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Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

Healing Properties Of Tai Chi

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