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Essential to the creation and preservation of internal pressure and inner power in the Lower Tan Tien is that we turn inward and begin to listen to our body and natural wisdom and what it wishes to tell us. We need to learn to understand and interpret its signs and processes.

As a rule, these have accumulated in our bodies and their organs and glands as the sediment of early traumas which we have not been able or willing to give up. We may even have cherished them, as they give us reason to continue living in a state of separation and depression, so that we can justify our state of "dis-ease" and negative emotions.

Subtle wonders may arise at any time under any circumstance as moments of awakening to our virtual powers and potentials. Disease may be a more forceful sign calling upon us to awaken. Dis- ease can be an invitation to turn inward.

Subtle wonders lie in the small spaces of awareness every new day. In these we may be awakened to our virtual Chi Kung state. What makes us truly feel at ease and what are the situations, places, postures and patterns in ourselves? Which make us sensitive to subtle wonders in ourselves and others? Subtle wonders arise from the deep down longing for infinity from which a sense of curiosity arises. This then cultivates awareness and mindfulness from which open-mindedness arises in which we suddenly begin to see reality from a new angle. Our energy is changing and we begin to feel and see ourselves and the world in a new way.

Chi Kung and especially Tan Tien Chi Kung can help in reconnecting with ourselves and reconnect us with the earth and the Universe through all the exercises of grounding and centering. From these, a sense of belonging arises in our body.

The great Chi Kung Master the Buddha said: "You are me and me is you". This goes back to the ancient Hindu view on the identity of "this" and "that", to the root of the epistemology of the unity and interconnectedness of all phenomena which we also find in the

Taoist view of the Universe. Recent insights in quantum physics and relativity theory also support this view.

Humility is a state of being truthful and sensitive to this insight and is a condition for healers to set in motion a process of self-healing and to transmit healing Chi. The person who seeks healing is willing to entrust themself to the healer who acknowledges a common humanity.

To the extent that we will be able to forgive and accept ourselves, others and the world, we create an ability in ourselves to return to our pre-natal breathing pattern and not only create peace within ourselves but also around us.

Such an attitude will also help us to view problems around us, not as obstacles outside ourselves, but as opportunities for learning and solving them "from within". It is significant in this context that the Chinese word for "crisis" has at the same time a negative as well as a positive connotation. What is "a problem", a "negative" occurrence, is at the same time an "opportunity" to learn.

This is precisely the deep sense of the Yin and Yang symbol in which there is a light spot in the dark and a dark spot in the light. How truthful and wise is this insight which honors the inherent reality of a unity of opposites in everything in the universe, including ourselves. How liberating is this Taoist view of the unity of positive and negative energies, used in the first Fusion practice.

Prenatal breathing and the natural pressure which goes with it are indispensable for the growth and recuperation of inner power. They can only be regained and sustained by an abundant supply of Chi. For the higher body we need a solid foundation and Chi supply in the body in which we now live.Therein lies the relevance of Tan Tien Chi Kung.

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