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The view which limits Chi Kung practice to strictly personal affairs tends to ignore the role of Chi Kung as a way of life and a state of being, nourished by an inner practice to cultivate virtues and attitudes towards the Universe and the community at large. The cultivation of these attitudes brings about in oneself a particular quality of being which may be called a Chi Kung state of being.

It is this Chi Kung state of being which nourishes and sustains harmonious forms of conduct in relations with the universe, nature, oneself, partners, family, neighbors and people at large. In a higher Chi Kung state, the healing process goes by itself, as the emission and transmission of vibration frequencies naturally takes place, just as a baby generates tenderness and openness in those who see it.

It is not surprising that great Chi Kung Masters like Jesus of Nazareth and Taoist and Buddhist Masters love to have children around. They remind them of the playful, joyous, spontaneous loving nature of the Universe and of their own true nature. They realize also that children help them to activate their own native energies, especially their heart energy. What actually happens is that children awaken the higher energy centers.

As a functional practice, the focus in Chi Kung is on its immediate effects like in the Healing Love practice in which life energy is saved, health is enhanced and the organs are regenerated. Chi Kung is at the same time, however, a practice by which Chi is transformed into spirit and low energy substance is transformed into high energy substance. At every stage the energies take on a more refined and subtle form, as the process towards unity with the Tao comes closer.

It is not true that in Healing Love practice a sacred body is created out of a profane body. The body was always sacred. Through the practice, awareness is cultivated through which experience undergoes a revolution: the indivisibility of the material and the material as one and the same indivisible energy is realized and thereby experienced in a new way.

Then energy may reach forms which are wholly beyond the imagination of the conventional mind, as it is moulded in cultural conditioning which severely restricts the human potential, both in terms of the transformation of the body and of the mind. Reading the stories of the Immortals gives us an inkling of these processes of self-transformation and the powers they generate.

In the Tao Te Ching Lao Tzu speaks of the wonders the higher cultivation of spirit energy may generate: from subtle wonders to mysterious wonders to incredible wonders. These are not to be understood as romantic metaphors but actual processes of Chi transformation by Chi Kung Masters. In the real world they are moved by and move high energy frequencies, inexplicable in the canons of orthodox materialist science.

One can still sense this potential (for such a state) in and around oneself as, underneath conventional awareness, there is another wholly different form of awareness. In this state what is conceived as impossible is precisely that which inspires us in our Chi Kung practice.

It is this state of generating wonder which throughout history has been the key characteristic of all Taoist Immortals as well as of great Buddhist, Indian and other Masters. They defied the rules as well as the perceptions of the society in which they lived (by their inner sense of freedom). This state was sometimes called one of "crazy fellowship" as it was so uncommon and often broke with the standards of submission and docility to authority. It was often characterized by a high degree of spontaneity, humour and joyful-ness.

We may see our "old state of being" as the outcome of a process of self-domestication which we often use to excuse ourselves for not daring to perceive our own virtues as potentialities. It's as if these were only the privilege of highly endowed people unlike ourselves or merely belong to the past of "Once upon a time "

Yet at the same time, it is these virtual states of being which move our innermost being, the "unconscious" state deep down within ourselves. These states may well, like our ancestral Chi, be nourished by our prenatal memory. We get in touch with the hidden liberative potential within ourselves, beneath the crust of our active functional consciousness and come to sense the energy of the invisible and virtual creative energy which awaits our invitation to be actualized.

In modern Western culture, as a result of a long historical process of disconnection, the unconscious or subconscious was seen interfering with the need for rationality, control and management of and over life. This expressed itself in a progressive disconnection between body and mind and the inferiorization, subordination and repression of body, feeling, emotions, instinct and nature.

Women were seen as the carriers of all these negative properties. Consciousness was reduced to what was in accordance with the demands for rationality, self control, outer discipline and other requirements of modern industrial society.

The unconscious and subconsciousness were relegated to the position of states which interfered with these values. Chi Nei Tsang, the practice of Internal Organ Massage, plays an important role in helping people to rebalance their emotions; CNT helps to connect with the subconsciousness in the belly as a source of self-esteem, power and peace.

In Taoist practice, relaxation, inner peace or stillness is seen as a condition through which form of consciousness is suspended. We can then get in touch and feel what deep down in our "unconscious" or subconscious state our body tells us; what signals it expresses and wants to transmit. We may call this sensitivity to the consciousness in our organs, glands, energy path routes and flows, blood, lymph, bones, joints, heart and all the other organs and parts of our body, the Chi Kung state. We cannot always live in it but once we have access to it and know how it feels to be connected with the source of our primordial life experience, we can easily return to it.

It is this state in which we get in touch with the reservoirs in ourselves of latent inner power and energies which can help us to transform our Ching Chi into Chi and life force Chi into Shen (Spirit) Chi. New states cannot arrive without old states departing; the new grows out of the old. The old one is a condition for the transition to the new one. Relaxation in this context does not necessarily require outer forms of peace and tranquillity. Surely with the high levels of interference in present day society, the body also needs outer stillness to get in touch with its original consciousness and high energy frequencies.

Historically, withdrawal has always been associated with meditative practice, as a mean of getting in touch. Yet meditation can also serve to make one better able to live in the world, in a state of Chi Kung. One is in touch with one's true self, from one's Lower Tan Tien and center and grounded, so that one is not too much affected by the storms of life; one is able to move into one's center where stillness reigns. Tan Tien Chi Kung is a precious practice to create a state of energetic self-reliance and to get in touch with one's hidden reservoir of high frequencies and energies.

In this context Dr. Van Xin, a present high Taoist Master, points out that Lao Tzu speaks of the Chi Kung state as a state which is neither conscious nor "unconscious" but a state which one experiences as "fuzzy and distant or distant and fuzzy". It is in such a state that genuine Chi runs in the body which then improves its physiological functions by itself as a variety of spontaneous adjustments take place.

Such a state is essentially one of relaxation which Dr. Xin says that should even be in our bones and joints. We know that our joints become flexible again, once they have learned to relax, after we have brought Chi into the them.

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