Crane Both Sides of the Tan Tien

This exercise develops the Chi pressure in both sides of the Tan Tien.

a. Stand shoulder width, with the feet parallel. Inhale with the Dragon Sound; pull up the anus and the left and right sides of the anus.

b. While raising the arms slightly above the head the fingers form the breaks.

Fig. 5.20 Crane raises its Breaks.

c. Exhale with the Tiger Sound (hummmm sound) and at the same time, press your palms down to hip level and press the Chi to the left and right sides; pull up the anus and the left and right side of the anus and expand the left and right side of the Tan Tien. Feel them expanding and feel the Chi pressure growing in these parts and in the palms of your hands.

d. Sink down a little in the kua, press the palms down and push the Chi pressure down to both sides of the Tan Tien and the pelvic area.

e. It is very important that you synchronize these three movements. The kua and the hip joints will open more due to this Chi pressure.

Fig. 5.21 Crane expanding Chi to both sides.

f. Repeat 3 to 6 times.

g. Do the ending practice (See page 93).

Fig. 5.22 Cranesinking into the Kua.

Bear (Back Part of the Tan Tien and whole Back/Spine)

This animal position corresponds to the back part of the Tan Tien, especially to the sacrum and the whole back: a bear back! We already did part of these exercises in the beginning to open the sacrum and the kua.

a. Stand shoulder width, feet parallel with the palms facing up.

b. Inhale, with the Dragon Sound and raise up your palms to face the heavens and scoop up the Chi and pour it down.

c. "In but not in; out but not out". Now exhale with the Tiger Sound and push down to the Lower Tan Tien. Lower the hands near the hips. Lock the wrists by screwing and twisting. Screw and twist ulna and radius but lock the elbows. Feel the two bones are crossing each other. Feel the whole arm and the scapula become one piece. The whole arm turns so the fingers point together; this will pull the scapulae out and make the upper back round.

How Draw The Face The Sacrum
Fig. 5.23 Bear Posuture begins.
Upper Tan TienTan Tien Point
Fig. 5.25 Bear presses the hands down.
Fig. 5.26 Bear turns arms so fingers point at each other.

d. At the same time twist the ankles and the knees so the two bones cross each other. This will the make whole leg to be one piece.

e. Twist the heels lightly out and the toes lightly in. (The formula of "In but not in; out but not out" will create a force of balance; no force will overcome this.) Feel the hips and sacrum open and the chest sink and the scapulae round and the Chi will fill the whole back. While rounding the shoulders you will feel the whole back expanding like a bear.

Tan Tien Breathing
Fig. 5.27 Bear screws and twists.
Tan Tien Breathing
Fig.5.28 Bear rounds and expands the back.

f. Inhale without inhaling. Inhale and exhale with the Dragon and Tiger Breath till the Chi fills up. Inhale once more with the dragon breath and hold the breath. Lock the neck and the anus so it feels like a vacuum pack without leaking. Suck in and suck out without breathing the air in and feel the pressure increase in the whole torso. This will increase blood circulation, the Chi, the lymphatic system and massage all the organs. Exhale and relax for a while.

g. Inhale; turn the palms out and up and raise up your palms facing the heavens and scoop up the Chi and pour it down. Lower the hands down to the navel, cover the navel for a while, feel warm and nice.

h. Do the ending practice (See page 93).

Fig.5.29 Bear Posture: Legs screwed in; kua open; arms one piece with scapulae and spine; back expanded.
Lower Tan Tien

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