Eagle Lower Tan Tien

a. Stand shoulder width, feet parallel, lightly pull up the anus with the elbows bent and the fingers spread out above the head.

Lower Tan Ien
Fig. 5.39 Eagle flies. - 133 -

b. Inhale with the Dragon Sound and lightly pull up the anus and feel the suction. Roll your eyes up and fix them on the crown.

c. Exhale with the Tiger Sound and press down to the Lower Tan Tien.

d. Just stand in this position and do the Dragon and Tiger Sounds and feel the forces moving you, Do 3 to 6 times. This exercise will enhance the power in the Tan Tien and in your fingers.

e. Do the ending practice (See page 93).

Chi Power Tan Tien
Fig. 5.40 Eagle rolls the eyes to the crown.

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