Ending Exercise for All Eleven Animal Postures

After each animal exercise:

a. Inhale, put the feet together, scoop up the energy from the universe, palms facing up.

b. Turn the palms downward and pour the energy down over the body, back into the navel, back into the Tan Tien.

Tan Tien Energy
Fig. 5.4 Palms Opened Upwards
Tan Tien Energy
Fig. 5.5 Pour the Chi Down

c. Focus on the Door of Life. Gently, move the hands from the navel (Lower Tan Tien) to the thighs. Feel the fingers and Chi penetrate the thighbones as Chi is absorbed into the bone marrow.

Chikung Animal
Fig. 5.6 Touch the Thighbones.

d. Move the hands down the thighbones. Feel the fingers penetrate the bones, glide past the knees, and across the shinbones. As you glide the hands down, sink the hips and bring the tailbone down to the heels in a squatting position.

Tan Tien Chi Kung
Fig. 5.7 Feel the fingers move down the legs. - 108 -
Image Chi Kung
Fig. 5.8 Squat Down.

e. Feel yourself sinking down through the Earth and into the infinite space beyond the Earth. Picture the galaxy and feel the spiraling of the force.

f. With your hands touching your feet, lift the tailbone until the legs are straight. Feel the Chi drawn from outer space and the earth spiraling into your body.

Where Does Your Tailbone End
Fig. 5.9 Lift the Tailbone.

g. Squat down again and gather more Earth energy and more Universal energy. Do this 3 to 9 times.

h. Move your fingers to the back of the legs. Feel the fingers touch the heel bones and the bone marrow and glide the fingers up the leg bones to the coccyx and hold them there for a while. Feel the Chi rising to the spine and the brain.

i. Move the fingers to the sacrum. Feel the Chi pour into the sacrum and the sexual center.

Tan Tien Energy
Fig. 5.10 Squat down again.
Fig. 5.11 Move fingers to hips.

j. Bring the hands up to the Door of Life and concentrate on the navel. Feel the Chi energizes the kidneys and the Door of Life. Slowly bring the hands to the navel. Smile and collect the energy in the Tan Tien.

Tan Tien Energy
Fig. 5.12 Move up and touch the Coccyx and Sacrum.
Tan Tien Energy
Fig. 5.14 Pour the Chi down the Spine to the Sacrum. - 111 -
Tan Tien Chi Kung
Fig. 5.15 Spiral and collect the Chi in the navel. - 112 -
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