Exercises to Bring More Chi Pressure and Energy Vibration in the Tan Tien

1. You can just repeat the exercises. The only difference is that this time you use your fingers to give counter pressure against the pressure of the Chi from inside.

a. Put your fingers on the Chi Hai in the lower abdomen. Smile and do a few abdominal breaths.

b. Inhale half of the breath, hold the breath, inhale more and pull up the front part of the anus and push at the same time against the lower part of the Tan Tien, against the pressure from your fingers and feel a suction. Slowly exhale (hold the Chi pressure in this point), increase the pressure of your fingers and push the Chi down in the lower abdomen against your fingers.

c. You will notice that with the counteracting force of the fingers the Chi pressure becomes stronger. Do this a few times. The last time you hold the breath after the exhalation and tap both fists on the Chi Hai until you feel a vibration in this area.

Tan Tien Chi Kung
Fig. 4.55 Tap with Fists.
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d. Do this for all the other six areas of the Tan Tien (tapping on the uterus and bladder is especially good for women). You then combine them as part of enhancing the Chi pressure and vibration in the whole Tan Tien.

e. Repeat this until you feel a very deep vibration of the Chi inside the Tan Tien and in your original force. Have a partner gently push you with his fist in your Tan Tien, so that you have to hold and apply counter pressure. This will help you to develop a stronger Chi pressure and vibration in the Tan Tien (See Fig. 4.60).

f. Repeat each exercise again and continue to use the fingers as a counteracting force. At the end of each exercise, inhale and expand the lower abdomen and exhale quickly with the deep Tiger Sound "Hummmm", pushing the energy down and out against your fingers. The sound is made through a quick expansion from the lower abdomen. The exhalation, the expansion and the sound should be completely synchronized. Repeat with the whole Tan Tien .

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Fig. 4.57 Exhale quickly with "Hummmmmm" Sound.

g. Rest with the palms facing downward. Feel the Tan Tien Chi breathing and pulsating. Inhale and pull up the front, back, left and right parts of the anus together with a light contraction of the eyes and mouth and feel the suction in the Tan Tien, the palms, the soles of the feet, the perineum, the sacrum, the mideyebrow point, and the crown. Exhale and condense the energy in the Tan Tien. Repeat several times.

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