Horse Upper Tan Tien and the Solar Plexus

An expanding sound from the Upper Tan Tien/Solar Plexus.

a. Stand shoulder width, with the feet parallel. Raise the arms above the head.

b. Inhale with the Dragon Sound and suck in the upper abdomen toward the back (Upper Tan Tien). Flatten the navel area so that the navel touches the spine.

Upper Tan Tien
Fig. 5.53 Horse Posture begins.

c. Sink a little in the kua and at the same time exhale quickly with force and press the arms down with force especially the wrists. Push the abdomen out with the horse sound (Hoooooo) from the Lower Tan Tien. It is an echo sound coming from the Upper Tan Tien and solar plexus.

d. Do the horse sound three to six times. Rest.

e. Do the ending exercise (See page 93).

Horse Anus
Fig. 5.54 Horse exhales 'Hooooooo" sound pressing down with the arms and wrists.

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