Lower Tan Tien as the Second Brain

Recent advanced research confirms the ancient Taoist insight, gained over a long period of inner observation, that the lower Tan Tien is a key source of intelligence. It actually supplies the brain with the basic orientations, data and information which it can then process. It turns out to be full of neurotransmitters. This is why I like to compare the brain to the hardware of the computer and the organs to the software. The organs feed the brain with information and it depends on the quality of the organs and what is transmitted to the brain what is processed. So the quality of the organs and the way they are activated by the brain affects the outcome.

For this reason, the Lower Tan Tien is also called the second brain by Taoists. It may well be called the first brain, by the way it processes and balances the emotions which in turn determine the nature and quality of the intellectual process. Growing imbalance and disconnection between body and mind, thinking and feeling and the various forms of cognition and intelligence, appear to be a central feature of the prevailing global culture. It is not surprising that, violence and conflict in all domains of life have become chronic and widespread.

Second Brain
Fig. 1.7 A. Lower Tan Tien and Second Brain B. Upper, Middle and Lower Tan Tien Connections
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    What taoists called 2nd brain?
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    Why computer is called second brain?
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