Monkey Lower and Upper Tan Tien

a. Stand shoulder width, with your feet parallel and your palms in front of the kua.

b. Inhale with the Dragon Sound and lightly pull up the anus and the middle part of the anus and expand the Lower Tan Tien. Raise the arms up above the head palms open.

Dragon Chi Kung
Fig. 5.41 Monkey makes the Dragon Sound.

Chapter V

c. Squat down from the kua and exhale with the Tiger Sound, press the Chi pressure down in to the Lower Tan Tien and swing both arms down to the ground.

d. Continue swinging both arms back and forth while in the squatting position like a Monkey and feel the kua (groin) open more. While swinging gather the earth Chi into the palms and the bones.

Monkey Squat

Fig. 5.42 Monkey squats.

Fig. 5.43 Monkey gathers the Earth Energy. - 136 -

Tan Tien Chi Kung Postures

Fig. 5.44 Monkey swinging the arms.

e. Inhale with the Tiger Sound, gradually rise up from the hips to the knees and the palms scoop up the earth energy. Come back up to the starting position.

Positions Tan Tien
Fig. 5.45 Monkey rises up bringing Earth Energy to the Lower and Upper Tan Tiens.

f. Open your palms to absorb the heavenly force.

g. Repeat the same exercise 3 to 6 times.

h. Do the ending exercise (See page 93).

In this exercise, the upper part of your body is light while the lower part is heavy.

Lower Tan Tien
Fig. 5.46 Monkey absorbs Heavenly Chi. - 138 -

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