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A critical role in Tan Tien Chi Kung breathing and the creation of the right pressure in the Lower Tan Tien lies in the tightening and sealing of the sexual organ, the perineum and the anus. The ability to contract the pelvic floor and the coordination of holding up and tightening the sexual organ, perineum and the anus is essential. This ability prevents leakage of essence energy and preserves it so that it may be transformed into vital life force energy and spirit energy.

This practice is called the closing of the Three Gates. The perineum, not without reason, is called the Gate of Life and Death, as it plays such a crucial role both in preventing degeneration and in activating all the organs and glands and other body functions.

Massaging the perineum is an excellent practice to vitalize the sexual organs and strengthen the pelvic floor. It also contributes to activating the pineal gland to which it has a direct connection through the Thrusting Channel. This is one of the finest meditations to do, as it helps one to become aware of the unity of high and low in one's body. It acknowledges the most honourable function of what are often called "the lower organs".

The Perineum Pineal Gland
Fig. 4.3 Perineum and pineal gland are connected.

Tightening the perineum and the anus strengthens the pelvic and urogenital diaphragm and holds up and reactivates the organs in the Lower Tan Tien, thereby revitalizing them. If coordinated with the downward pressure of the diaphragm, it helps to provide the space in which the process of Chi compression can be realized.


Urethral Sponge Shaft




Egg Tube




Paraurethral Sponge


Urethra Inner Lip

Fig. 4.4 Urogenital Area in Women





Paraurethral Glans

Urethra Inner Lip

Egg Tube



Os Vagina

Rectum Pelvic Diaphragm

Anal Sphincter Muscle


Urogenital Diaphragm Perineal Sponge

Outer Lip Clitoral Opening to the Vagina

Fig. 4.4 Urogenital Area in Women

The exercises to activate the front, back and sides of the abdomen are one of the keys of Tan Tien Chi Kung. This is achieved by the anus exercises.The walls of the abdomen are strengthened, tightened and sealed to prevent leakage of energy. Smiling into the anus is a very important practice as, through the contraction of the anus, all organs in the body are vitalized. So the spiritual energy hidden in the smile helps the organs and glands to raise the quality of their energy and our consciousness which is condensed in them.

Tan Tien EnergyUrogenital Diaphragm Males
Fig. 4.5 Pelvic and urogenital diaphragms are the major lower seals which prevent vital energy from leaking out the lower openings.

As the Chi is pressed inward from all sides, Chi pressure in the Lower Tan Tien rises. The more the Chi is concentrated, the higher its expansive potential becomes. This practice has been called the creation of a "Chi Ball". The creation of the Chi Ball is a wonderful metaphor which at once evokes the playful and relaxed attitude needed to create it as well as the nature of the compression and condensation process needed. Scattered Chi is concentrated and the Lower Tan Tien raises the inner power needed to activate the whole body and all its flows and networks.

Chapter IV Pubic Bone

Perineum Power
Side Cross-Section
Cross Section The Clitoral Hood
Fig. 4.6 A closer view of the urogenital diaphragm in the male.

The ability to do so depends on what is called Perineum Power, the ability to achieve control over the three gates.

This ability of closing the gates and leading the energy backward and upward, rather than allowing it to go outward and downward, is the basis for the practice of the Microcosmic Orbit and Healing Love. The dense form of Chi (Ching Chi) produced in the sexual organ is brought into the loop of the Governor and the Conception Channels and thence upward into the brain.

On its upward journey, the Chi has undergone several transformations (at the Sacrum, the Ming Men Point and the Jade Pillow Pumps) and has nourished and activated all the organs through the spine, the mother channel of all energies, before it finally brings fresh energy and hormones to the brain.

The quality of the brain cells and their functioning is critically dependent on the supply of hormones and the pressure which can be exerted to bring circulation of the blood and the Chi upward.

Development of Chi Pressure in the Tan Tien through Laughing Chi Kung

To feel Chi within you is not easy and training it is difficult. When people laugh in the Lower Tan Tien, the Tan Tien Chi Kung starts to develop.

a. First Laughter: Start either standing or sitting with both palms covering the navel. Start to laugh loud and feel the abdominal vibration. Laugh for 5 minutes. Rest, cover the navel with the palms and feel it become warm. Spiral in both directions (Clockwise and counterclockwise).

b. Second Laughter: Start with inner laughing like tickling in the throat, feel navel and spiral to keep the Chi in this area.

c. Third Laughter: Silent inner vibration, like hitting a drum and feeling a vibration inside. Keep the vibration inside for 5 minutes. Rest and cover the navel then spiral to keep the energy there.

Laughing helps create the second heart and second lungs, activating and improving the lymphatic system.

Laughing Chi Kung
Fig. 4.7 Laughing Chi Kung

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