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The activation of the abdomen plays a major role in the creation of a state of ease to prevent "dis-ease". If the abdomen is at ease, the whole body comes to rest. If not, the whole body suffers, as the basic metabolism is affected. In the process of aging and as a result of an agitated externalized life style the abdominal organs tend to sag and thereby lose their vitality. These organs, thanks to the rise in Chi pressure in the Lower Tan Tien, are uplifted and brought back in their original position, so that once again the Chi flows.

After giving birth, the uterus may sag and cause the prolapsus of the transverse colon, and constipation. If undue pressure is exercised on the fallopian tubes and the ovaries, it may become a cause of sterility, as proper blood and Chi flow is prevented and toxins cannot be moved out. This in turn may lead to serious diseases. Thus, women can receive particular benefit from Tan Tien Chi Kung.

The diaphragm can move down if the Lower Tan Tien is freed from mental and emotional stress and tension. This is a principal cause of constipation and degeneration of the digestive and elimi-native system. Constipation can also be relieved by the Tao Yin practice of lengthening the psoas muscle, combined with the conversion of fear into gentleness by the Cosmic Healing Sounds and the Fusion practices.

By "bringing peace" and generating Chi in the Lower Tan Tien, the Wisdon mind, Yi, dissolves tensions in the body, as it brings down the Fire energy, which always rises up and tends to overheat the brain, the heart and the lungs. This cools the body, reestablishing the natural balance between Fire and Water energies.

By concentrating attention on the Lower Tan Tien, Yi also brings down the point of gravity in the body so that stability increases and the earth connection is enhanced. As we become more rooted, a sense of coming home may arise. This has a further cooling and refreshing effect on the body.

With the downward movement of the diaphragm, the lungs also get new space. They have suffered from the stress and tension which has caused breathing to become short and shallow. When the Lower Tan Tien enters a state of rest and the diaphragm is able to relax and returns to its natural rhythmic up and down movement, the lungs can ease into their natural function.

Then one can start again to breath deeply and slowly and gently. This regenerates the whole body, as its cells, organs, glands and bones become tonified and energized as a consequence of the fresh Chi pressure. Nose breathing becomes less necessary and can gradually give way to breathing from within.

As a result of this process towards inner relaxation and balance, the body can start to function in a qualitatively new way; it needs to rely less on external air intake and more on the Chi from within, the original or prenatal Chi. Breathing becomes again a natural rhythmic process which goes by itself and which creates the right pressure needed for the body to function optimally.

New consciousness does not come about by itself; it requires continuous exercise and practice that is light and playful, as if it were a child's game.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung plays a critical role in this training process by which the Tan Tien releases tensions and relaxes mind and body, so that Chi can be generated from and towards the Tan Tien. One learns to let mind and body, and the glands and organs have a dialogue with each other with the Tan Tien leading the way.

The Microcosmic Orbit meditation is the best way to maintain the original Chi, as it fills our energy reservoirs and keeps our meridians open. We also enhance our ability to take in, process and store the Chi we receive from the Three Forces: the Universal, Earth and Cosmic Particle energies. Our Chi reservoir is raised and enriched. The preservation and enhancement of Original Chi is essential for the acquisition of external energies; in the Universal Tao System called, "acquired Chi".

The Cosmic Orbit meditation is also essential for Sexual Kung Fu which is the practice of transforming sexual energy into life force energy and life force energy into spiritual energy. The higher the spiritual energy or Wisdom energy we create, the easier will be the process of successive transformations.

The ability to move Chi and hormones upward and renew our central body functions is ultimately determined by the quantity and quality of Chi in the Lower Tan Tien. The availability of Chi depends in turn on the quality of the breathing.

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