Releasing the Tension in the Diaphragm

Many people have a stiff diaphragm which sticks to the rib cage. In order to be able to develop the Chi pressure, we should have a diaphragm that is loose and that can easily move up and down. To release the tension in the diaphragm, you can massage the diaphragm.

a. You can massage under and along the rib cage from top to bottom.

b. You put the middle fingers from the left hand with the palm facing upward, under the rib cage. Place your right hand on the lower part of the right rib cage and push the rib cage downward with the mouth of your right hand. Repeat for the left side.

c. This massage will loosen and stretch the diaphragm and will facilitate and deepen the breath. You will be able to keep and push the diaphragm down on the exhalation, which is necessary for the development of the Chi pressure in the Tan Tien.

You can picture the Tan Tien as a balloon that you can fill with air creating pressure in the balloon. The main thing you have to do is to fill this balloon and blow air in it little by little. Blow and hold, blow and hold. With the Tan Tien it is the same. You inhale, blow in the air, hold the breath (air) and exhale very slowly. In this way you can maintain the pressure.

Diaphragm Press Down
Fig. 4.58 Another way of releasing tension in the diaphragm.
The Tan Tien


Fig. 4.59 Increase Chi pressure with every breath.


Fig. 4.59 Increase Chi pressure with every breath.

a. Take a partner and gently put your fist on their Tan Tien (belly).

b. Let him inhale in the abdomen and feel the pressure of the breath (Chi) pushing his abdomen against your fist. Let him then exhale quickly and you will feel that the air (Chi) pressure is gone and that you are pushing in an empty Tan Tien.

c. Let him inhale in the same way and exhale through the mouth but still push the pressure down and out. You will feel that the pressure is still there. Just as with the balloon, when you pull up the perineum and push down the diaphragm, the Chi pressure in the Tan Tan will be more condensed and stronger.

d. As you continue to push, you will feel that the energy remains in the Lower Tan Tien and can be moved around.

e. Let your partner now laugh in the Tan Tien while you are still pushing, and you will feel the Chi pressure becoming stronger and the Chi moving and vibrating.

You can change places and let your partner work on you.

Laughing Qigong
Fig. 4.60 Using your partner's fist to build more Chi pressure.

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